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  1. If you would be so kind could you link ne to a few songs they might play?
  2. clitbang

    Diplo / Mark Ronson

    What will Ronson heartbreak club be like? What type of music?
  3. Never seen these, i thought they played DnB?
  4. Seen her before the chemical brothers at bestival an she played a boss house & techno set, so good that my mate was convinced it wasnt her. She will do just fine, that being said ill be watching Mr Fingers in the downlow.
  5. Did it sort your mates headache?
  6. clitbang

    Resale Club 2019

    Long time ago but I had a performers guest ticket which had the white sticker on with 'abcd guest number 49'. Didn't need ID on gate. Didn't get wristband as was told I needed to go see the contact for the band who's ticket it was to get it. Not sure this helps but thought I would share.
  7. Friend of a friend who works for a well placed company. If any more come up I'll post again.
  8. Best bet would be to get in for Gideon an enjoy a solid few hours of beautiful music.
  9. Ticket gone. Was only trying to help people.
  10. Same person who has sorted mine has come up with 2 more. I can only try help others, my friend is taking one an one spare currently but the message has gone to others so could be gone any time.
  11. Could have 1 hospitality ticket from a friend but I need to know the name of the person in next 15 mins an have the money within a few hours. Know this is late quick madness but it's how it is. Message me urgently.
  12. Which site as all the ones of the past are now shut.
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