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  1. No i do not know Kirsten. Obviosuly we will be coming in one car and sleeping in the same tent together so need to work out a solution as going to 2 different gates on arrival isnt ideal. Also same for camping we would like to camp in hospitality or crew together but with having differnet bands i have no idea on the solution. I know we could camp in general areas together no issues. Any help much appreciated.
  2. Hi I have a hospitality ticket and my wife has a staff/performer ticket both are in our names. Will my wife be able to come through bronze gate with me on arrival? Will she be able to camp with me in the woodsies hospitality camping? Not long to go now!!!
  3. 2CB or not 2CB that is the question.
  4. I look forward to finding out next week.
  5. IICON should help big time, did i read space for 15000 people? Whats a full Genosys field hold? Downlow 1500?
  6. Spacesport altern8 set... see you there
  7. clitbang

    Resale Club 2019

    Windinglake had some packages for 3.8k for 2 tickets an accom last week. Try them, good luck.
  8. Amazing! Always wanted to see inside Maceos at glasto, they done the crew bar at bestival one year and it was amazing. Kerry Chandler played in a shipping container it was brilliant.
  9. Link me up to what i could expect if i went to Bens trance night...
  10. If you would be so kind could you link ne to a few songs they might play?
  11. clitbang

    Diplo / Mark Ronson

    What will Ronson heartbreak club be like? What type of music?
  12. Never seen these, i thought they played DnB?
  13. Seen her before the chemical brothers at bestival an she played a boss house & techno set, so good that my mate was convinced it wasnt her. She will do just fine, that being said ill be watching Mr Fingers in the downlow.
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