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  1. In simple terms I think they got it very right. Line-up great, never a dull moment with quality acts all over. Cashless was excellent, should be standard at as many festivals as possible. Usual crowd with minimal knobheads (as usual the 30-40 year old coked up "lads" were guilty). The sound and visuals of highest quality, Glastonbury needs to take some audio advice from whoever was in charge. The new layout was spot on, crowd size was perfect for the programming and venues. I think it may be better than it was before. Can all the doom sayers take several seats.
  2. After the nice BBC article, do we have to call you Robert now? Nutter.
  3. Independents can't compete with R+L or similar in terms of cash offered so there is little point trying. There has to be an offer that is not solely on line-up, experience based if you will but different. Boomtown has always been about what it stands for, values and shared experience. When we started going it seemed it was about 10000 kids and us. we could only be coppers or dealers as far as they were concerned because we weren't 16. It was basic, mad and i barely remember who played because it doesn't really matter. I have never bought a ticket to a festival knowing the line up. I go because of what the whole is like, not because of a handful of bands that some consider more worthy than others. All bands and acts are deserving of attention, all headliners started at the bottom of tbe bill somewhere. I will be in Matterley tomorrow, the sun will shine and it will be feckin fantastic, i have no doubt. Out
  4. This is Boomtown number 10 for us, and we have never been overly interested in the lineup until just before. We go for the "thing" not the "who". In a bizarre way, maybe this will thin out some of the line-up obsessed who value an event by the names on a poster.
  5. Saw dutch band called Kieff in Bristol last night. A bit mad, loud, in your face and very good. Would recommend them if you want a bit of different.
  6. We will keep an eye out for you and say hello.
  7. Where will you be at Boomtown this year?
  8. pilton digger


    Looks like Pennard Hill Farm - possibly a wedding tent?
  9. pilton digger

    Pilton Party

    from https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/Information/pilton-party-info/ Tickets (£35 adult / £15 child*) will go on sale in person from the old Festival Office, in Northload Street, Glastonbury from 10am – 4pm, Saturday 6th August.
  10. pilton digger


    There is quite a lot going on out of shot. Especially around the back of recycling and the bin painters area. Quite a lot of vehicles and stuff being moved. There are some cows out as well.
  11. That was pretty excellent. Same time next year. Favourite quote heard in a destinctly Mancunian accent from a compost loo beside the main stage on sunday afternoon "has anyone seen a turkey baster?"
  12. pilton digger

    Pilton Party

    May be me and your granny on bongos.
  13. Yes, we were there and Dee saw you but you were busy. We stayed for that and then Mush. I thought newdad were good, even if the vocals were a bit down in the mix.
  14. It was probably him being a dick. He was supposed to play Shindig a couple of weeks ago and didn't show up on the night, played the next night instead and was absolute shit. Barely phoned it in. I won't bother with him again.
  15. Mike is not Neil, I know who he is through what he has said in the past and he does have music industry credentials. Although I can't verify what he says he is a lot more likely to know than I am.
  16. Always happy to help. See you next year.
  17. Not sure of the relevance to village tickets but valid input somewhere.
  18. Maybe not. They have a pile of them, not registered to any name and not scanned or tracked. May be a mistake based on poor information.
  19. Billy Bragg, cafe in Avalon (was Avalon Cafe, now Frying Machine cafe) around 1800 to 1900 ish. sound engineer info (we know him) and no exact time.
  20. See you there. I will wear a green melt banana t shirt with a cat on. Keep an eye out for the insanely good looking bloke. Or answer b
  21. Meeting point at 1100? We can sort at the meet at 1800 if you want.
  22. Do you want some?
  23. I can bring some gorilla glue down tomorrow. Currently in Maceo's so would have to wait until then. Any good?
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