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  1. pilton digger

    Solstice Sunrise

    for information, when we ran round the farm tonight there was cow fencing being put up in places (end of muddy lane / Williams Green) but no sign of any black and white beasties. Might be an idea to check the web cam to see where they may be next week. Could get a bit beefy in places.
  2. pilton digger

    Shindig Weekender

    tickets on sale for next year. Got ours, see you there.
  3. pilton digger

    Shindig Weekender

    We were in the same tent for the dowpour then. Quality weekend wasn't it.
  4. pilton digger

    don't mess with the badgers

    there were cows out over the weekend when I ran round the farm. It depends on the time of year. Lots of sheep between October and March -ish. A lot of the fields (Other, Pennards, Dairy) are down to wheat that is currently about a foot high. It is a working farm and not a place full of field ornaments.
  5. pilton digger

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    It usually works like this, Coaches are usually the first Thursday after pay day (first of the month) main sale on the Sunday. So that makes it 7th Oct this year. We were advised of this by the Farm when trying not to have a clash (again) between tickets and the Festival Run.
  6. pilton digger

    Visiting the farm in 2018

    try " office@glastonburyfestivals.co.uk "
  7. pilton digger

    Nozstock vs Bearded ?

    bit late for Boomtown this year. Could try Beatherder. Lots of people fecking about with mixing desks at multiple stages. You can always run away if there is a danger of anyone fecking about with a guitar.
  8. pilton digger

    Short survey

    OK, your survey: why 4 parts of Wales to be in and no regionalisation of England, Scotland or anywhere else. Seems to demonstrate unconcious bias or is deliberatley designed to give a specific answer. Poor question. periodicity: I go to about 8 - 10 festvals a year. None of your periodicities match what I do. Poor question and unable to answer. I don't use any of the options for social networking, unable to answer that question. Poor question. Images - not quite sure what that question proves. None of the images seem to have any particular relevance, generalised poorly filtered shorts of Port Merrion and generalised bullshit teepee photos that could be of anywhere. Poor design of question, no indication of what the fuck you are looking for. Pictures of Port Merrion Gallery - apart from the possible breach of copyright - consistent with what? Poor question. Hard to get back to the survey once you step out using Firefox. " Would too little images available of the festival reduce your trust in paying festival prices?" too little? are we talking about size? Poor use of language and poor question. What has trust in prices got to do with anything. All in all a poorly constructed survey, fairly typical of the continual spam at this time of year. Is that what you wanted?
  9. pilton digger

    Boomtown 2018

    It is gospel sexy Jesus. Supported by the Hail Mary's. Remember to praise when commanded.
  10. pilton digger

    Nick Cave

    he has an assistant called Rachel Willis as far as I know
  11. pilton digger


  12. pilton digger


    just watching the cars sliding down the hill.
  13. pilton digger


    it is a touch bollocks on the weather front today.
  14. pilton digger

    Site Visit 23/2/18

    Didn't see any cows, there were only sheep on Sat and Sun when we ran through and down the railway track. They have put some 4 foot drainage along the boundary directly at the east end of the railway track. there is also some 3 foot going along the side of the railway in the comman / Shagri la areas. serious size drainage. Cockmills lane is being closed for 3 weeks soon, might be cutting it into the mains like last time. Will run on the farm again this weekend, will see what else is occurring.
  15. pilton digger

    What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Welcome to pilton (hopefully )