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  1. uscore

    efests Exit Poll

    It is quite interesting to see how opposition supporters are treated in this forum. On a similar vein, my son is taking part in a social experiment. He has to wear a Tory rosette on his shirt for 2 weeks to see how people react. So far he has been spat at, punched and verbally abused. It will be interesting to see what happens when he leaves the house.
  2. uscore

    efests Exit Poll

    What we really need most now is all the different factions of Labour and the Left to call each other names whilst saying "but they started it" for the next 15+ years of opposition.
  3. uscore

    efests Exit Poll

    The country is too suspicious of socialism at the moment, Labour's manifesto was too radical for the UK as it is today. It's pretty simple, if you've ever seen the Matrix it is explained there. When Agent Smith explains to Morpheus that the first time the machines tried to build the matrix they made it so everyone was happy and content, but humans rejected it because it didn't feel realistic unless things were shit. This is why people vote Conservative.
  4. uscore

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I've got my job, friends, teams I'm involved with, my kids are at school here. Much as I'd like to, I'm about as likely to emigrate as any of the billionaires the Right tells us would do if anyone hinted at taxing them a little bit more.
  5. uscore

    efests Exit Poll

    I think the real shame is that Corbyn, Swinson, and all the opposition parties had Johnson trapped in a minority government where they had real influence over him, but chose to accept his challenge of a general election despite being so far behind in the polls. There are a lot of Remainer MPs who had the chance to force through a second referendum, and not only have they lost that chance they've lost their seat too. It was a spectacular miscalculation from a position of relative strength.
  6. uscore

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I've always found the ott criticisms of Corbyn as absurd as those who blindly follow him. I liked him; I think he should have gone after the last election though. One major difference between the Right and the Left is how much better the Right are with leaders. Burdened by fewer scruples they will ruthlessly topple leaders they don't like in non-election times, but will unite behind whatever monster is in charge when the election comes around. Whereas the Left hang-wring and get stuck with leaders they can' neither vote for, nor depose until they heavily lose an election.
  7. uscore

    efests Exit Poll

    Yeah there's no more referendums to be had. The positive? spin now is that it is unarguably a Tory Brexit. They own it. They can claim credit for any unicorns it delivers, but they are responsible for any damage it causes. Hopefully a new generation of voters will judge them on its success, for many elections to come.
  8. uscore

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Corbyn will go, it's obvious. He's been up all night though. At least let him get some sleep before announcing anything. There's no rush right now, Labour don't need to install a new leader by tomorrow.
  9. uscore

    Brexit at Glasto?

    How are people still getting this wrong? For MONTHS now Labour's position has been really clear if you actually listen to them say it. It's only the media and the opposition telling you otherwise. If it wasn't so dispiriting, it would be a fascinating insight into how people hear each party's message.
  10. uscore

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Even if all the criticism of Corbyn was true, he'd still be about 1000 times better a human being than Boris Johnson
  11. uscore

    Other Stage 2020

    you say that like it's a bad thing.
  12. uscore

    Brexit at Glasto?

    I think the problem Corbyn has had is that he's been unable to avoid being defined by his opponents, and the media. I think that's why he tends to win back a small number of voters during election times; because it's actually him we see on the television saying things, rather than edited soundbites or misquotes that form the caricature of him we see at other times. The number of people who seem to genuinely believe he's basically a terrorist is ridiculous. I don't think he's anti-Semitic. I'm inclined to believe he's just shit at media handling, and perhaps guilty of trying to sweep it under the carpet a bit because he's terrified that apologising for it too much, or drawing too much attention to it will create headlines like "CORBYN ADMITS TO RAMPANT ANTI SEMITISM IN THE LABOUR PARTY"
  13. uscore

    2020 headliners

    Lizzo (Again)?
  14. One of my top 5 songs, Exits (edit) by Foals is no longer available on Spotify They have only left the, much worse, album version on there.
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