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  1. maybe get a screen and more repeaters at the Park instead
  2. 3 of our group, including me, so far have it, all tested positive this morning
  3. uscore

    Queue watch

    I was stuck at gate A for about 4 hours last year, and I arrived by coach 😞
  4. uscore

    Queue watch

    If you are at Gate A, is D your only other realistic option? Or can you make it round to B?
  5. Security Guard A: Yeah mate, it's crisps we have to take, and er, what else was it? Security Guard B: Er, beer! Yeah we have to confiscate one of your beers I'm afraid, especially if it is cold. Anything else? Security Guard A: um, [to punter] you got any Haribo? Security Guard B: ooh yeah, could go for some of that. Right everyone, who's packing Haribo? etc
  6. did FloorFiller fall for the wallet-inspector-esque antics of some peckish security guards?
  7. uscore

    Queue watch

    This whole arriving so early you have to queue overnight thing is going to be interesting in a rainy year
  8. Anyone else arrived yet?
  9. Eek, why are the filling up the outer ones first?? Seems very unfair
  10. heard reports from a couple of friends who are cross about being put in the outer car parks miles from the gates. It's like you get penalised for getting there early. They are thinking about leaving and trying again later to get a better spot!
  11. anyone arrived at the carparks yet? Which ones are they filling up first?
  12. yeah if it's going to rain, then raining towards the end of the festival so there's no mud to deal with until then, is the best.
  13. I'm suffering with the temps today and I'm mostly inside. If it were like this at Glastonbury I'd be praying for the sweet relief of rain.
  14. the only trouble with the big water sprayers cooling you down, (or any water used for this) is I'm always worried it will wash off your suntan lotion.
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