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  1. uscore

    People on Furlough....

    The dream is real. I've been furloughed on 100% pay and been warned that I Must Not Do Any Work During This Period.
  2. uscore

    2020 New Music

    Keep the recommendations coming please guys, I've just opened my Spotify Release Radar and it is s p a r s e
  3. Running clubs are obviously daft, but we aren't under house arrest. The rules explicitly state you are allowed out for some exercise. I'm still going out once a day to places where there are no / very few people.
  4. uscore

    2020 New Music

    another one that is "ok".
  5. Day 1 of self isolation The house is already a mess, and I haven't had sex now for over 6 months.
  6. fair enough imo, but that's nothing to do with the coronavirus.
  7. I am not a virologist, in fact I don't have any medical training whatsoever, but I am completely certain I know exactly what is going to happen over the next few weeks and months.
  8. everyone raved about that Summer Girl song because it has a saxophone in it, despite it sounding like a dreary cover of walk on the wild side.
  9. They said they are possibly a headliner, or is that something you've added?
  10. uscore

    Kendrick Lamar ??

    Is he big enough to sub Foals?
  11. basic psychology innit. Uncertainty is scary. Far more comforting to believe in absolutes. Read a couple of online articles and be convinced one way or another, and then at least you can make plans and stuff.
  12. I mean, no offence, but I would probably choose jail over publicly snogging Neil. privately would be ok though.
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