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  1. kazbop

    Private Coaches

    Has anyone got experience of arriving via private coach before? I know it's a different bus station and Gate A is still the closest but do you end up in the queue with people coming from the car parks or do you still get public transport priority access?
  2. If all else fails, head up to the medical centre at big ground when you arrive. Sure there’ll be someone there who can sort you out. My mate broke a tooth last time, they booked him in for the next day and he had a tooth extraction on site - sure a bit of ear wax will be no bother!
  3. https://www.lifeventure.com/products/washgear/collapsible-bowl?gclid=Cj0KCQjwrpLoBRD_ARIsAJd0BIXmmMUPUQHJNj3_b04I01y0w0jVhjnG-4P5zoj7qzStKNobKy8rq6QaAsD1EALw_wcB We're taking this collapsible bowl and soap and a couple of flannels (one for the undercarriage and one for everywhere else.) Had a proper wash like this for the first time last year at Boomtown and it was brilliant, felt so much cleaner than just with wet wipes.
  4. I was at a tent show the other day and went inside that Coleman blackout one. I was really tempted to buy it on the spot. It was full sun outside, but it was so dark inside I could barely see. Also way cooler than a normal tent. Fantastic tent. If only my current tent was more knackered but I can't justify replacing it yet.
  5. Me too. Always found them a bit odd but never made the effort to find out about them till they were gone...
  6. Was the Christian cafe place The Common Ground cafe? They were at festivals all over during the late 90s. They did great food, but I was always quite put off by the proper old school gender roles... Turned out with good reason, they disappeared after a few years https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwicj6bVs6PiAhVMxYUKHdQ-D-wQzPwBegQIARAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.theguardian.com%2Fuk%2F2000%2Fjul%2F03%2Frace.religion&psig=AOvVaw1oEJ7Z6P7-KOsw5_92e8SD&ust=1558211324873322
  7. Hi! Congratulations on getting your ticket, it's an incredible festival. Sure a few people will have answers for you but here's mine... Food ranges from £7-10 on average for a meal. A burger or similar around £5. Beer is about £5, there are some variations bar to bar, but as a general guide. All types of alcohol including spirits are available, but if you have a favourite it's definitely cheaper to bring your own. Just make sure you decant it into a plastic bottle or it will be confiscated by security. No glass on the farm! Glasto is definitely LGBT friendly, the NYC Downlow venue in the Block 9 area is modelled on a New York gay nightclub. No moustache no entry! You shouldn't have any trouble (although it's basically a huge city for the weekend so there will always be some arse holes). I have never seen or heard any homophobia. Walking times depend on the weather and ground conditions. If it's dry I'd manage that walk in about 40 minutes during the festival with lots of people about. In the wet/mud it could easily take me an hour. It's a big place. I've never camped there cos I like it to be quiet ish when I get home but Pennards Hill is meant to be the place for partying. Busy, as near as you can get to the action camp wise. But you'll need to be through the gates quickly, that field fills fast on Wednesday! http://www.glastoearth.com/the-faq Check out this site, all you could possibly need to know is there! Have a great festival.
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