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  1. Istari

    Good Luck ALL !

    Hope everyone is lucky
  2. Car is packed and ready. Wish we could already be on our way but need to wait until the OH has finished her last shift tonight. Then we shall be on the road
  3. Yes. We learnt the hard way about 10 years or so ago. Had to drive into Glastonbury and go to the B&Q to buy a replacement after 1 of the tyre spindles went. So ended up with a spare tyre and always kept 1 with us. Definitely take some spare split rings as well
  4. Busy weekend prepring Booze run done Lawn has had its pre festival cut Sorted out the music for the car and ipod Tidied up the clashfinder, less clashes and some new acts added Had a panic when I couldnt find a powerbank. Final remember I have left it at work so that is where it is staying Realised the spare sack truck wheel was flat so reinflated it
  5. Finished work for the festival and put the Out of Office reply on. Then went and got my festival haircut
  6. Completely feel for you. The only downside of going to Glastonbury is leaving our fur baby while we are away
  7. Istari

    Out of office

    My Out of Office reply has now been set until 4th July. Kept it a normal official type email, as despite everyone in the department knowing where I am, the faculty does not and I am sure it will not be appreciated by the Dean
  8. Istari

    Sean Paul

    We won't be going to see him but he was great at Big Weekend. Definitely a crowd pleaser with a bunch of songs you will know
  9. Not much help for now but the ground was looking great up at the Stone Circle in March 2016
  10. Istari

    Out of office

    I'm 'working' from home tomorrow, but have to hold off putting the out of office reply on til 5pm
  11. Istari

    Practice Pack

    We did ours over the weekend. Practice pack the bag and then packed the car
  12. Organised our dog/house sitter for the time we are away. Made sure he knows how to deal with the dog's medication. This is our biggest pre-festival worry sorted out
  13. The OH is working her last shift on Tuesday evening, finishing around 1.30am so we will be setting off immediately after that at 2am. About a 5 hour drive down from Middlesbrough so hopefully parked up around 7am and get into a queue
  14. Checked alternative routes towards the site on Google Maps Street View to see if any are viable if the A39/A361 are gridlocked
  15. The distance was calculated from the GPS logger so is quite accurate where as a pedometer will increase the measure of distance as you dance and the pedometer shakes
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