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  1. I wore for Bestival and they held up, although obviously Bestival is TINY in comparison to Glasto.... i plan on wearing them to Glasto this year though - although agree there isn't much in the way of support in them.
  2. Oh my! That is an actual horror story, I imagine you were even more elated by the time you got on-site... fingers crossed all coach drivers find their way easily this year!!
  3. These are most definitely trainers rather than walking boots, but if the weather is decent you cannot go wrong with a pair of nike fly knits. They pull on so no lace messing around and are will be the comfiest shoes you ever own! (I used to wear vans every year and my poor knees gave up in recent years at the ripe old age of 29, so find these a lifesaver!) https://www.prodirectrunning.com/p/nike-free-rn-flyknit-2018-black-white-mens-shoes-942838001-182109/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw2IrmBRCJARIsAJZDdxB3MCaIGD453Z1rLeEolXi6rnuTxZVxDJTogNsNDfQ6b9chWNftZQ4aAuo5EALw_wcB
  4. My friend made this a few years back and it still gives me the feels....the juxtaposition between day and night is too real - there's a load of strangers in the night time bit too so shout if you see yourself! 😅
  5. @Brave Sir Robin Lovely, I thought that might be the case but wanted to check - first time on the coach (if it's anything like arriving by train it should be a breeze!) 3 hours seems v reasonable. Thank you!
  6. Also, last night was the See Tickets coaches as far as I can see but also see National Express coaches on the glasto website.. Does National Express go from one London location (i.e. a station) and the See Tickets ones from the o2? Or are they one and the same? I might have made this far more complicated than necessary! Also any indications how long the *usually* coach takes from London..imagine traffic won't be too nuts for the 11am departure from LDN (the tickets we landed in the end, will take what we can wahoo!)
  7. Absolutely not worth doing! As said previously tickets are (rightly!) made less appealing to touts with the pic/ ref system.. A person in my group in 2010 bought a ticket from somebody they knew who could no longer go. They looked VERY similar but he failed to get in at at least 2 gates and had to schlep back to the north east solo. I can't even imagine how soul destroying that journey must have been!!!
  8. Thank you all so much for your help, fingers crossed for all trying this week! X
  9. Hello, it's been a while! So we didn't get tickets for glasto this year (first time in years - sob!!) We're going to try for resale coach tix, hedging our bets and hopefully being successful. We've never gone by coach before so am wondering exactly how it works (sorry if it seems rudimentary!) We will be travelling from London: Are the coach and tickets sold separately? i.e. If 3 people didn't pay balances on the 9am coach from London would there be 3x tickets on the 9am coach, or would 3x 'london' tickets become available and we book our own coach time? Hope that makes sense. Help very much appreciated. Best of luck to all resale triers!
  10. So we're looking at post-may 8th?
  11. Batiste are running an offer at the minute for a FREE* <---- can of dry shampoo. The catch is you have to buy it first and send them your reciept, they'll send you a cheque covering the cost of the product (up to £4.99) your postage (up to £2.60). A lot of effort, yes, but I've seen people on here wanting to do Glasto on a mega budget or for free, so this could be of use! Here's a link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/batistedryshampoopage/app_357049577745207
  12. <script src='http://imageshack.us/shareable/?i=96752254.jpg&s=37&p=tl' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript></noscript> Taken by my good friend Reggie Breeze! Roll on next week! x
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