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  1. There was a flag advertising a stall (I can't remember the name... IIRC a vegan hotdog place?) around the Pyramid for a lot of it... seemed a bit weird to me.
  2. My sister in law dragged her kids to that expecting Rozalla of "Everybody's Free" fame. ?
  3. Billie Eilish. Said walking away that we'll see her on the Pyramid before long, possibly in a headline slot.
  4. ? It's become a bit of a tradition for my brother to point out the seagulls descending on to the site on Sunday as the tents clear... this year we were sat at the back of the hill watching Kylie as the flocks came in to scavenge on the emptying campsites. Regular as clockwork.
  5. Magma

    Crowd Tolerance

    Yep, it was muuuuuch better than last time I was there in 2015 - we actually gave up in the queue a few times that year (hell, one year previously, I crowdsurfed through it) Every time I went down there this year (usually sometime between 00:30-1:30) you could just stroll in... and usually get a high five from a steward on the crush barriers for your trouble ? Has to be simply that there are more options... although maybe people were flaking out a little more after the hot days too. But Arcadia was drawing good crowds and the bars with soundsystems were heaving all weekend... it's no
  6. Magma

    Lessons learned

    Yeah, £1.50 and then the bartender would tell you there's tap water for free. ?
  7. Magma

    Legend Slot 2020

    Gutted I missed that one - I watched England get spanked by Germany instead. Everyone said it was really special. My favourite legend slot is still Brian Wilson. Everything was perfect that afternoon. ?
  8. Magma

    Lessons learned

    Accidentally put this in the headliners thread ?? Going to gigs on your Jones is amazing at Glastonbury. I had a slightly smaller and spread-out crew this time especially with one brother in crew camping and the other in the family field with his wife and their son and daughter for the first time. Combined with a best friend having on and off strife with his girlfriend, I ended up attacking Friday and Saturday daytimes largely solo as well as a mission in Block9/Samula on Saturday night... and it was INCREDIBLE. Was always the first person dancing, never felt like I needed a dri
  9. Magma

    Legend Slot 2020

    ? If it was a twat in a red cap, you're more than welcome.
  10. The top of my post literally says they're doing the right thing and I agree with it. From a festival goers experience, it doesn't matter. From a licensing point its incredibly important and so they are doing the right thing. (Again, like the first sentence of my post that you took a quote from) I think we all probably need a nap. You're better than this.
  11. You quoted me and were replying directly to me. Use your own forum right.
  12. I didn't once say the Eavis' didn't care or that it wasn't an important license consideration, in fact I've repeatedly said they're doing the right thing, but do carry on replying to the posts you assume I made. If thousands were getting in in 2017, I would've been one of them frankly. If there's a way in, I tend to hear about it since I grew up in the area and know workers and stallholders etc going in and out for weeks beforehand. I only know of ONE person that genuinely got in last year... he did it by going in with a load of catering equipment and hiding out for a few days before the
  13. Magma

    Legend Slot 2020

    Edit: Well, I posted that in entirely the wrong thread.
  14. Drop in the ocean doesn't mean the organisers don't feel they need to improve. As I said, the fence is necessary and the controls are necessary... we all want them to do what they need to keep their license. But even if they had a "bad" 2017 - we're talking hundreds at an absolute maximum. Which may be enough for them to want to "crack down" from a licensing standpoint, sure. In 2000 we were talking a HUNDRED THOUSAND though which could've been an actual public safety issue had there been a proper crowd crush like Roskilde went through. 2019 levels - statuatory licensing issue that
  15. I managed to last about 15 minutes in a crew area in Silver Hayes (the one with the Gate that had an "in memory" mural for a woman on it)... I walk with a fair old pace especially if I'm solo and I just marched through it thinking there might be something through there... security guard started to get up, then I was already too far away to confront and he just sat down again... by the time I realised there was nothing of interest back there I walked back to the gate. The guy said "I would've stopped you, but it's so hot and it's so shit back here that I knew you'd be back in 30 seconds".
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