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  1. Leggins

    Who's Touring Around Glastonbury 2017?

    Really scraping the barrel for bands names now aren't we?
  2. Leggins

    The Unsuccessful

    First fail in 7 attempts. One of our group put payment details in but got booted. On the plus side I've had success in the resale one year getting one extra ticket so I should stay hopeful but to be honest, I feel like shit. Well done to everyone here who was successful.
  3. Leggins

    The Killers?

    Yeah they did. I went to that gig and loved it. It was my first time seeing The Killers but it was the James and Gaslight Anthem support that swayed me to get a ticket at the last minute. It was a brilliant day. And seeing a band at Wembley is always an experience.
  4. Leggins

    Glastonbury Toe

    After reporting no Glastonbury toe, I can confirm I have a delayed case. Started yesterday, numbness in the tip of my left big toe. No pain or anything. Weird.
  5. Leggins

    Glastonbury food with pictures

    My biggest disappointment this year was how little I ate. The mud really did put me off trekking to our favourite food places or wandering off to get a cheeky snack or treat. Instead we found ourselves buying our meals conveniently and without much thought. It was more eat when you need to rather than because you'd like to which was a huge shame for me. On the plus side the crab shack was a new find (next to the cornish arms) and did a lovely crab meat roll.
  6. Leggins

    Glastonbury Toe

    No glastonbury toe for me this year strangely. I wore £8 Dunlop wellies for 5.5 days straight (with memory foam insoles) for their 6th glastonbury outgoing. I'm impressed that my feet are in prefect condition tbh. In fact physically, I'm the best I've ever been post festival. Maybe the pilates actually paid off.
  7. Leggins

    Your favourite Glasto images

    I want to go back. I want to go back now.
  8. Leggins

    Glastonbury Toe

    Bad move Couchy. Clean socks are the key to happiness at Glastonbury for me. Suffered with glastonbury toe every year but not this one. I kind of miss that numb feeling a little.
  9. Leggins

    Glastonbury food with pictures

    The Best New Discoveries The Rac Shack. Yum. That cheesy goodness. Grilled cheese toastie van (stilton pear and bacon) No bones Jones (Stilton and broccoli bake?) The disappointing Annie Mae's Mac and cheese. The driest, most bland mac and cheese I've ever had.
  10. Leggins

    Kanye west confirmed

    One what, Mike? One what!?
  11. Leggins

    Kanye west confirmed

    Noel Gallagher's gonna lose his shit when he finds out.
  12. Leggins

    So are Fleetwood Mac lying about Glasto?

    What about a Stevie Nicks solo appearance? She was TBC or SR for the 2011 festival and never transpired. Maybe she's the already booked legend even?
  13. Leggins

    So are Fleetwood Mac lying about Glasto?

    I changed my vote from a yay to a nay. I have to move on!
  14. Leggins

    So are Fleetwood Mac lying about Glasto?

    I'm fairly sure I've read here on more than one occasion from Neil that bookings for Glastonbury generally happen a lot later on than people may think.
  15. Leggins

    So are Fleetwood Mac lying about Glasto?

    I voted Yes. Something is definitely going on. It's more hope than anything though.