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  1. I want to go back. I want to go back now.
  2. Leggins

    Kanye west confirmed

    One what, Mike? One what!?
  3. Leggins

    Kanye west confirmed

    Noel Gallagher's gonna lose his shit when he finds out.
  4. What about a Stevie Nicks solo appearance? She was TBC or SR for the 2011 festival and never transpired. Maybe she's the already booked legend even?
  5. I changed my vote from a yay to a nay. I have to move on!
  6. I'm fairly sure I've read here on more than one occasion from Neil that bookings for Glastonbury generally happen a lot later on than people may think.
  7. I voted Yes. Something is definitely going on. It's more hope than anything though.
  8. Mick Fleetwood's Facebook page has a glaring typo on the tour dates for the 22nd and 24th June. It says Bristol but the dates are for London. Someone has the itinerary wrong maybe they are staying in Bristol a little later than that....... https://m.facebook.com/realmickfleetwood?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.uk%2F&_rdr
  9. This Glasto shaped hole is killing me. I can't help but think that after such vehement denial from both camps, they truly aren't playing but April/May is a long time for for me to try and not have my hopes up.
  10. Some people find it hard to understand that Glastonbury is not the be all and end all for some bands. To some, it's just another festival which they won't be playing. I am gutted though.
  11. Leggins

    Fleetwood Mac 2015

    I'm clinging to Neil's hunch that its possible we are being temporarily scammed by both Eavis and FM until an agreed time. When the UK/Europe tour dates are released, that should give a very good clue as to whether there is a Glasto hole in the schedule. 6 Music were asked not to ask that question for a reason and if Mick was really bored of being asked, it would have been a good opportunity to put it to bed once and for all. Negotiations still on going is my guess (hope).
  12. Leggins

    Fleetwood Mac 2015

    Having C.McVie back in the fold means the three part harmonies are back adding so much more depth to the songs. I thought little lies was great. Christine sounded a little flat but the band as a whole sounded good.
  13. Leggins

    Fleetwood Mac 2015

    They'll surely alter the encore for a festival. I love Those songs personally, but for a festival encore/ending they'd have to finish with Go You Own Way or Don't Stop to send the massess away happy.
  14. Leggins

    Fleetwood Mac 2015

    The prospect of a Christine McVie united Fleetwood Mac playing on the Pyramid stage is awesome. It hasn't happened in previous years for one reason or another but the wait will be worth it if this comes off. Reviews of gigs seem promising too.
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