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  1. Osama Jim Laden

    West Holts 2019

    Tinariwen Tamikrest Public Enemy/Prophets of Rage Gary Clark Jr (he was immense last year)
  2. Osama Jim Laden

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    I think the organisers are a large part of this problem.. Warning signs were there from Truck.. Can't do much about bad weather but you can have things in place in the event of.... https://m.facebook.com/angelgardenskids/?locale2=en_GB
  3. Osama Jim Laden

    Your top Glastonbury sets ever

    Patti Smith 2015 Ray Davies 2009 Pulp 2011 Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott 2014 Blur 2009 Flaming Lips 2017 BB King 2011 Tinariwen 2014 Tindersticks 2009 Willi Nelson 2010 Kris Kristofferson 2017 Super Furry Animals 2016 Specials 2009
  4. Osama Jim Laden

    What made you cry at Glasto?

    Help Me Make It Through The Night - Kris Kristofferson
  5. Osama Jim Laden

    Bearded Theory Festival 2017

    thanks everybody.. that was a brilliant party.. see you's next year
  6. Osama Jim Laden

    Bearded Theory Festival 2017

    Any idea if they're selling the Thornbridge beer 'Charlie Brown'? smashing drink that was
  7. Osama Jim Laden

    Bearded Theory Festival 2017

    So pumped for this.. Been going since 2012 and although to have a soft spot for Kedleston, it's just getting better every year.. See you all in a week or so, probably in a right state if that Jaipur 10 is on....
  8. Osama Jim Laden

    Efesters on Twitter

  9. Osama Jim Laden

    "Really big secret"

    Me & a pal left U2 early coz they were pants, went to Primal Scream on the OT and in the same conditions, done a bostin set..
  10. Osama Jim Laden

    Godiva Festival 2017

    Example! That's made me loff.. Terrible booking, I'd say the undercard will be to a similar demographic..
  11. Osama Jim Laden

    Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    Happy birthday old bean
  12. Osama Jim Laden


    Mark Steel Barbara Nice Craig Campbell David O'Doherty Andrew McBurney Mike Bubbins Bob Mills That'd be a nice lineup
  13. Osama Jim Laden

    Nick Cave

    Sorted for Nottingham.. Anyone got any leads/heard any news if they're to play Glastonbury this year?
  14. Osama Jim Laden

    The Killers?

    What a horrible thing to choose between
  15. Osama Jim Laden

    West Holts 2017

    Tinariwen Public Enemy Tamikrest Tindersticks

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