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  1. My daughter started uni and this is a big issue for her and freinds too. I mean what is wrong with people. Is this what we are now. One scared dad here right now.
  2. We started late but been every year since 2009 other then 2017 due to a big family thing. Just been lucky with tickets and canny wait until next year, what party thats gonna be.
  3. CurlyPutz

    Club Long Covid

    Had it in Feb, took a while shake it off but still don't have the energy I used to have, lucky really compared to others as smell taste and lungs all seem OK so far. I know younger people who are still feeling effects 12 months on and I really feel for everyone still suffering.
  4. CurlyPutz

    First Gig Back

    Booked beans on toast as our second gig back for the end of the month. Love a bit of beans.
  5. CurlyPutz

    First Gig Back

    I might be interested buddy, this weekend? Can you PM me details?
  6. CurlyPutz

    First Gig Back

    We did Wolf Alice on Thursday. My wife and I are both mid 40's, double jabbed and had the virus back in February via my wife's nursery. Felt real good being there as soon as we joined the really long queue to be honest. Handful of mask wearers (not us) and it was pretty much perfect, Wolf Alice were mega, atmosphere was electric and at times very emotional, everyone was so happy to be there including the band.
  7. CurlyPutz

    Wolf Alice

    They finished with last man on earth at Bournemouth, truly stunning way to end.
  8. CurlyPutz

    Wolf Alice

    It was a cracking evening, they were incredible, and agree mate very emotional.
  9. CurlyPutz

    Wolf Alice

    Just landed in one of the less posh hotels we have stayed in but who cares! We got plenty of now warm westons, the sun is shining and in a few short hours me and my lady will be enjoying our first gig since Frank Turner last year. Canny wait to see Wolf Alice for the first time having missed them at Glastonbury 2016 due to the shitty weather and my lazy arse family not wanting to trek the bog lands to see them way back when (big regret). Bring it on, bit nervous and super excited at the same time.
  10. Yeah same for me, I always just see this prick in my head when I read it online.
  11. CurlyPutz

    Wolf Alice

    Gutted for ya mate. First gig for us in since Feb 2020. Slightly nervous but super excited. Hope you manage to see them soon pal.
  12. CurlyPutz

    Wolf Alice

    Cheers dude, fingers cross!
  13. CurlyPutz

    Wolf Alice

    Yeah, that's our current thinking too but you just never know at the moment. Had ynot cancelled so no festivals this year now for us, just Wolf Alice and Jon Hopkins hopefully.
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