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  1. Great news. Wiltshire here and waiting for my mum to get the call too, same age.
  2. You are on, guessing you got tickets rolled over, we have too.😁 It's the only think keeping me sane right now. Covid got us recently at home via my wife's nursery and it kicked my arse. No hospital luckily but still not a good experience.
  3. Yeah I kinder feel the same. I don't know how some people find so much time to create so much content for this thread to be honest. Big up @ToiletDuck btw, your knowledge and sharing has really helped my understanding on many things so thanks man, would love to buy you a pint next year buddy.
  4. This sounds pretty clever, hope it works/helps. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-55639096
  5. Ah man so sorry for your loss. We lost my old boy last year, not that long before things got all pandamic crazy and I have seen how bad such a loss can be via my mum. add covid and everything is pretty much fucked and has been all year really. Hope my mum can find the positivity your na has, maybe next year.
  6. I read this first thing, not looking good at all. Southern here (wilts) as we defo have more local cases including some family members this week. We really do need to act now, we should have acted already, what a shitshow.
  7. Ha cheers, I have been here 8 years odd off and on, just don't post much, just read. Live music is a massive part of my downtime like many here no doubt. Last gig was Frank Turner in Bath, strange event, everyone on edge and then it was all over for the year. Tried to get in to see Jon Hopkins the following day but didn't happen. Still, got our 6 tickets in the Worthy Farm bank for next year and hoping for the best but expecting the worst atm.
  8. I'll be glad when this ride comes to an end that's for sure. The world has gone mad.
  9. Long term lurker here, figured I say hello as I have been following this thread since the page numbers were much lower. Keeps me sane, sort of, so thanks people.
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