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  1. What is the best way to get to Gate D? We always end up the other side. We are heading from Salisbury A303, A37 normally?
  2. We have 1 large tent, 2 small tents and hoping to get into penards with my family. Always seem to end up in blue and ped gate C. Managed to get into penards in 2019 but queued from 1am. These old bones not feeling that this year so thinking of arriving at 5 and joining the queue. Do we stand any chance of getting three tent together, I am not so sure?
  3. I mean it's unlikely sadly but what makes you so sure?
  4. Don't remember separate queues in previous years if honest.
  5. We camped there in 2019 now our kids are no longer kids and had no drama. Picked it for the location and will try and pitch there again this year. Was not too hectic and I am old now so that's saying something πŸ™‚
  6. Ours landed today. Have to admit I got a tad emotional seeing them for real. Not normally one for being emotional generally and figure I will be a wreck for good parts of the festival. Found myself being a bit overwhelmed at bearded theory too after a 3 year forced festival dry spell, what am I like!
  7. Same as all the previous first timers that have posted. We had a cracking time, queues didn't bother me as we just found something else. Food prices caught me by surprise, Glastonbury gonna be expensive but otherwise a lovely festival, great people and a cracking atmosphere all weekend long. Feel a tad outta practice after a 3 year break but fork me it good to get back at it. See you next year bearded people.
  8. CurlyPutz

    The kids

    Tricky age sometimes but they will love it I am sure! Make the most of it buddy cos they grow up way too fast.
  9. Yeah fuck em all. No place in a modern society.
  10. Cheers for the heads up, these old bones don't like the cold.
  11. CurlyPutz

    The kids

    Been taking ours since they were 6 and 10 and no regrets. Did one year without (messy one) and missed having them there. This year they will be 20, 24, we have a family allnighter planned at block 9 if us oldies can manage it 😁 Some of our best shared memories are at the festival. They always rated glasto above Christmas, covered it in topics at school and we are so glad they got to experience the festival from a young age. Youngest has gone on to study global sustainability in further education and we think this is linked to glastonbury opening young eyes. I think its best once they can remember personally, I couldn't handle babies there myself but fair play to those that can. kidz field is amazing for the wee ones.
  12. What is the link to the percentage tracker please?
  13. Mine just states "Tickets will be sent by secure post. A signature may be required on delivery." Assuming everyone is checking using this link? https://www.seetickets.com/customerservice
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