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  1. Abster

    Clash Finder thing

    Fabulous, thank you I think its the second link I've used before... Gosh I make these plans then once on the Farm I see nothing I 'planned' too Xx
  2. Abster

    Clash Finder thing

    I've done a search and I cannot find it, where it the link to the wonderful clash finder thingy thing... Thank you and so sorry if this has been asked 100 times already xxx
  3. Last year was hard and horrible I had jet lag to which didn't help. So today is my birthday (just drop it in there) was odd going into work and not being covered in glitter and badges along with carryng about Colin the pink Flamingo It's been the longest day ever too... Might take him out tonight... lol 50k is not a lot when you deduct the 25k stall cost, and overheads, stock, staff, fuel etc
  4. You are looking too deep into my trader stall idea, no doubt quite a few £s
  5. Oh that is an idea, I found out about Patrick Evais today thanks to the one show, wonder if he is single lol
  6. 2008 was my first one too! have missed 2009 as was in a mood for braking my leg at the 2008 festival! 2010 could not get tickets, and 2013 think I couldn't get ticket this year either it is not embedded in my memory! Radio 1 I avoid they just annoy me! Wonder why they are doing those interviews? most odd and annoying hmm sparking wine bar... think I could only have it open 2 hours? max festival enjoyment time? I was knee deep in my dissertation to be too concerned about going, alas it hit me on Monday, tomorrow is my birthday too, mum just texted about going for a meal.... its not the same! Thanks for the great suggestions
  7. So as I am not on the farm having fun, is it wrong to be coming up with business ideas that will ensure I will never have to endured being ticketless again and hating the BBC and metro paper (media sources so far today) for doing features articles on Glastonbury? So far I have come up with the ideas of... Buying a horse box trailer and turning it into a gin bar or sparkling wine bar Buying a farm and holding my very own festival
  8. Abster

    Secret resales 2015

    Yes you need a general ticket and wristband to get in, however I hear the bar and showers in WV are good!
  9. Abster

    Secret resales 2015

    Food for thought here.... My cousin got married on the sat of the festival in 2014, I told him to move his wedding he refused. I was successful in getting tickets.... come June of to the festival I went with a half thought of driving home the sat for the wedding... come the sat morning I was like fuck it I'm staying put Got some stick of my auntie who told me they won't come to my wedding... I'm happy single with no man on the horizon and very much doubt I will marry.... Less than a year of marriage they broke up and are now divorced... Moral of the story do what pleases you and not others, I would be fuming if I gave up glastonbury to attend a wedding that did not even last!!! Presented with the same choice Glaso or a wedding I'd still choose Glasto
  10. Abster

    Secret resales 2015

    Will be weekend of 29th 30th June My birthday is the 23 June and I have never had a Sunday birthday on the farm only Wednesday Thursday and Friday (which I am missing)
  11. Abster

    Secret resales 2015

    That moment when you are at work, working for a event related company and your operations manager walks in and you almost plead with them to get you a ticket as they must know someone onsite to help out, then the conversation gets twisted with the others in the office, sexual favours being performed is mentioned...
  12. Abster

    Secret resales 2015

    6,000 wow I think one of those jet packs will be a better idea
  13. Abster

    Secret resales 2015

    This is where johnny has 6 Apples Amy has 5 and Jake ate 9 maths comes into play.... Not a clue.... ask Pixal they had a house take of with the use of balloons...
  14. Abster

    Secret resales 2015

    That sounds amazing, I guess satellites are more reliable than wifi too, less chance of failure I choose my cars by the lack of boot space... helps me get out of driving my brother to the pub!
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