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  1. ukdannyb

    Grime/Hip Hop

    DJ Yoda will play a fair bit of hip hop.
  2. West Brompton (Earls Court) the year I did it.
  3. I had a dream last night too! The wife and I had bought a holiday home in Las Vegas. There was a craps table right outside my door!
  4. ukdannyb

    Rebellious Acts

    Kelis. I've seen her twice and she's been 45 minutes or so late on both times. Was at V (2005 I think) and then Shepherds Bush the week after (I love her first album).
  5. ukdannyb

    Where's Yoda?

    DJ Yoda has played every year since 2005 (and probably before but I wasn't there) but he's not listed anywhere yet. I see from his website that he seems to have the weekend clear so I'm hoping he'll turn up at some point. Anyone got any inside knowledge?
  6. I will also be working for DCSS, but I will be a steward in the campervan site. I guess this should be a bit more relaxed than the main sites with more families? Maybe they put me there because of my age? (31)
  7. I am hoping to do either stewarding or traffic management for DCSS this year. I'm guessing stewarding would be more interesting than traffic management. Has any done these before?
  8. ukdannyb

    FAO disgruntled U2 fans

    Writing to Michael Eavis and trying to bribe Seetickets staff hasn't worked. Fingers crossed this will!
  9. I understand that you are less than happy with U2 being replaced by the Gorillaz so I have a solution (albeit for just one of you). If you are in the 25-40 age bracket and are a male with brown hair then I could buy your ticket! PM me your Glasto pic and I will assess the feasibility...
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