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  1. Surely the card doesn't have to be the lead tickets name. Anyone can pay, cant they ?
  2. mandb


    No I'm sure thats the rail crossing at the corner of Pennards Hill (Toilets on the flat not on the railway line) Near the Glade . Its all very confusing -
  3. mandb


    So that is not the railway at all then
  4. mandb


    I am also confused about that area and tent and I've been more times than I care to say. Is that the big rail crossing, that's always really busy (with block of toilets on the railway) up from the West Holts and on the way to Greenpeace. If it is then I've no idea what a turquoise tent is doing there. Sense of direction not my thing so excuse me if I'm totally wrong. Also it looks so different without everything in place. Very excited now
  5. mandb

    Secret resales 2015

    Oh ok sorry. I should get on with some work and just focus on 4 weeks today instead of day dreaming my life away .......
  6. mandb

    Secret resales 2015

    I haven't read everything on here so this might not be a worthy comment but i just clicked on this link for no reason and the ticket application form comes up ???
  7. mandb

    Secret resales 2015

    I've been quietly watching this thread since the last resale and have just got 2 tickets today. We got our tickets back in October but had 2 lifelong Glasto goers who did not get one. It had taken the shine off for us because if everyone doesn't go its not the same. So I just wanted to say thank you AGAIN to the fantastic efestivals folk for helping me to get tickets. Last week and today has been so disruupted but its been worth it in the end. As it was I actually just refreshed the page and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the page had changed. Panic set in and I had all on holding it together to get the details in. Still can't believe it and nor can my friends. I'm popular now so hoping there will be a few Brothers pints behind the bar for me. See you all in June. Been every year since 2002 xxx
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