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  1. There is nothing like this unfortunately. I am going with a friend with health difficulties and we will carry her stuff for her, with other friends. Would be great if there was but sorry. Does she know where she wants to camp. Some camping is very close to pedestrian gates. Maybe that's the option for her particularly if she is happy walking a bit further each day but without a load (of the rucksack variety). Congratulations by the way. I believe there is help for registered disabled but don't have info on that as my friend is not
  2. mandb

    Lost ticket

    Mum just needs to find it. It will be there somewhere. Go and help her and think logically and illogically. Turn over every bit of paper. It will be there somewhere. Good luck
  3. mandb


    Photo from 2016 about 16th June I think. Before the mud. Scarily looking decidedly brighter than today..... It'll all be alright in the end and if its not all right, then its not the end...
  4. And the Avocado ? Love it. Watching in anticipation
  5. Thats perfect. Thank you so much xx
  6. Does anyone have a link to plan of the site on a road or OS map ? I used to have one but cannot locate it now.
  7. mandb

    2019 Map

    has anyone got a link showing the site on a road or OS map. I used to have one but cant put my hands on it now. Great for getting my group to the right parking area
  8. Well its nice to know Im not the only one. There is still plenty of time but.......
  9. So how many people still don't have a ticket and the website still says ?? 'Tickets are in stock and will be despatched shortly to the address provided.' Like me. Im the only one in our whole group that hasn't got my tickets. Thank God for the tracker as that comment is keeping me sane but I'm not sure for how much longer
  10. Comforting. Hang in there
  11. Me too. Everyone else in my group has their ticket and I organised the whole thing. V frustrating but thank god for the tracker at least its not saying they have been sent out and we haven't got them...
  12. My tracker still says ? Tickets are in stock and will be despatched shortly to the address provided. Anyone else in this position. Did someone say that all tickets will be dispatched by Wednesday ?
  13. Only followed this thread because Dodgy was my biggest surprise band at Glastonbury many many years ago. Obviously on the wrong planet altogether. What a shame would love to see them again. Sorry i'll climb back under my shell for 2 weeks
  14. mandb

    Castle Cary

    I caught the train once and thought it was amazingly well organised. Virtually no waiting. Live band playing music and efficient shuttle service. Enjoy the vibe. Im sure you will be fine Oh and I arrived Wednesday morning too
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