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  1. Well well welll, who’da thought it eh...
  2. Could it mean that originally it was only those dates and now it's changed to more dates?
  3. Reckon foals are in with a shout - if we go off the Bombay vibe from last year.
  4. You guys have already said who it is. I think it’s gunna be a similar vibe to the catfish day they did in the first year.
  5. Nope. not guessing. Unsure if it’s the next one but I’ve heard another name
  6. Oh dear. Next headliner is not gunna go down well on here
  7. Monday’s announcement is arguably the biggest act they’ve ever announced
  8. endswithMJ

    Volunteering 2020

    Hmm, i thought I paid the full amount for my oxfam place in April last year but I guess not! do applications open at 11am next week? thanks for the quick reply
  9. endswithMJ

    Volunteering 2020

    Have they moved the date to pay the full amount earlier this year? I swear I paid the full amount in April last year? what time do applications open?
  10. people get paid next week. Announcing it next week with tickets on sale is probably better for them
  11. I’ve heard 28th or 31st for an announcement
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