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  1. Could anyone recommend somewhere to stay for a large group of people (12)? Looking on AirBnb but keen on recommendations if people have them.
  2. Sorry, just read your comment more thoroughly!
  3. Did you go for Airbnb or somewhere else?
  4. Found a few on Airbnb but definitely less common - tempted to wait but the option to spread is there
  5. When are people going to book accommodation for next year? we're a group of 12 so could be harder to find things closer to the time but unsure whether to book anything now on Airbnb
  6. so if it's cancelled again next year due to a pandemic/safety issues, we wouldn't be allowed a full refund?
  7. Hey, I purchased tickets (with non attendance insurance) to this yesterday but looking at the T&Cs, endemics and pandemics, AREN'T covered which is bit worrying - https://www.primaverasound.com/en/others/non-attendance-terms-and-conditions Surely if the festival is cancelled due to risk of infection then customers would be within their right to get their money back?
  8. Well well welll, who’da thought it eh...
  9. Could it mean that originally it was only those dates and now it's changed to more dates?
  10. Reckon foals are in with a shout - if we go off the Bombay vibe from last year.
  11. You guys have already said who it is. I think it’s gunna be a similar vibe to the catfish day they did in the first year.
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