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  1. Yes - per minute, of course! Still keen to understand the value of a VM in the cloud, if anyone has the patience to explain.
  2. I am already thinking about ticket day most days, trying to figure out how I can maximise my chances- thanks for this thread which has been very helpful. Would it be correct to summarise the findings so far as follows? - refreshing at rate of over 60 times/s on one device, even in different browsers, leads to the software blocking you - if you use different devices, but all on the same internet connection, this won't block you even if combined refresh rate is over 60 times/s - but maximise your chances by using as many different connections as possible. And one final question from a non-tech - how would you go about renting a VM in the cloud, and what are the benefits of doing that relative to just using multiple device / connection combinations via a collection of PCs and mobile devices. Thanks so much!
  3. GregsyA

    Super Furry Animals!

    Holy shit - it doesn't get any better than that...
  4. GregsyA

    Super Furry Animals!

    I just sold my SFA tickets for Brixton using Twickets - it's an anti-touting site, no charges for seller, small charge for buyer, face value is the maximum sale price. https://www.twickets.co.uk/
  5. GregsyA

    Super Furry Animals!

    I'm going the opposite way - I have tickets for a few weeks time, which clashes with what would otherwise be an unbreakable social arrangement. Awkward cancellation now avoided.
  6. GregsyA

    Setlist-based Spotify playlist

    Frank Turner had completely passed me by until I heard him on your playlist yesterday - now a bit obsessed! I've got some hours to put in before the end of June. Thanks for the introduction, and generally for your fine work here.