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  1. Thanks. Il have a 4 year old in tow so not keen on leaving the site to get to Bristol airport and back at 11pm. Few quotes for taxi are around the £60 mark which isnt too bad. If you don't arrive within a van on the Tuesday is it easy enough to access the field? No restrictions on who might be allowed in?
  2. Would it be possible to leave the campervan fields and then come back in later the same night? She thinks once we're in theres no way of getting back out again until monday...
  3. Folks, been lucky enough to get tickets with campervan and intending to get down on the Tuesday afternoon. Other half is travelling separately via Bristol airport with arrival around 10.30pm the same day. What are peoples suggestions to get the site at that time at night? Are trains/buses running? Hire car? Taxi? Etc. Cheers in advance.
  4. I have been lucky enough to get 2 tickets and will be using a motorhome for the festival. Unfortunately my wife is unable to travel with me and isnt expected to arrive until Thursday or Friday. Can anyone confirm if she can access the campervan field if she arrives separate from me and the vehicle. Thanks
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