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  1. And the reason you didn't recognise Will before Dolly was because you ate a Growler and 4 doughnuts and were in a food-coma laying on the floor
  2. Was this before or after I threw my guitar at you before shouting stage dive? That was intense I remember just catching a glimpse of you in the chaos thinking "Nah surely not, this place is so big" Then I was right in front of you and knew it had to be you so figured either way you wouldn't be too surprised if someone just cheered in your face in the crowd. #EfestMemories #FriendshipForever
  3. GODLEVEL And So I Watch You From Afar EDIT: Thank you Kaosmark for getting it back on
  4. Spud001

    T day

    This shows though, with better servers it doesnt necessarily boost your chances as a LOT more people are getting through. Didn't have a glimpse for ages and got through just before it sold out before receiving a message from a mate saying he was through and had bought em up Sosososososo chuffed, thought all hope was gone for a sec!
  5. I hope it's gonna be as good as it seems. Such an incredible album
  6. http://www.nme.com/news/manic-street-preachers/79928?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=manics Holy Bible shows announced
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