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  1. I think one can tell that I was bored and at a loose end last night. Thanks for understanding. 🙂
  2. Oh, you silver-tongued smooth talking charmer, I'm getting fucking wet from the inside of my oil skinned trousers now. Yes, I'm afraid you read that right. It has got to near biblical proportions here at this end. The H & S Executive called in and have now insisted that I must now also wear a life jacket. i already have to wear a storm proof coat, a Sou'wester, non slip wellies etc. The fishnets aren't compulsory, but they do stop my bollocks getting jangled about in the frightening sudden treacherously high waves of pissd that do rain down on me - over and over again. It is nothing short of relentless! So, yes please do come and give us a cuddle but you'll find that i'll be running the other way from you. The thing is, you see, if you voluntarily choose to half drown yourself in my piss, then I'll know that your one of those weird clients that i get from time to time -- just like that Cleveland Steamer bastard that turned up once, and totally unannounced too. How the fuck was I to know what a Cleveland Steamer is!? So, no, go away Golden Fountain Boy! But as go away, don't do it with a heavy heart. Every now and again allow yourself a mudslide, or two, with the laughing, knowing that I am now having to use a snorkel and flippers - as demanded by the fucking HSE!
  3. Hello Suoperscally, I have upvoted your post because you have provided a response to a question that I asked, Thank you for doing so. That I am now more (actually much more) confused than I was before is neither here nor there. However, please do not try again to educate me again as it is, I am told, not advisable. The term 'pissing into the wind' has been used to describe the situation in the past, and quite an accurate statement it is.
  4. OMG, you've created a shrine! I know this is probably not the best place to say this, but I think that it might be wise if you sought some 'professional' help. 🙂
  5. Oh goody, you're a sufferer of that too, just like myself. I can feel another self help group coming on. Oh, it's so exciting.
  6. Look into my eyes, my eyes. Not aroundnd my eyes, not around my eyes, but into my eyes, into my eyes. There now - I have complete and utter control over you. Oh, what to do.? Oh, I'm so spoilt for choice. What to do, what to do? Oh, I know what to do - just be yourself. That's what you should do. Nothing to see here ladies and gentlemen, nothing to see here. Please move on. I don't want to offend anybody, but do remember (at all times) that In the land of the blind, the One Eyed Man is King. PS - Don't ever tell anyone that I actually said that.
  7. That's fantastic news that you like the idea. This one's got legs. I can feel it in my bones. If we p[lay our cards right, we may even end up in a cult. I'valwaysys wanted to be a part of a cult* * not actualoly anywhere near the truth. Talking of cults, this lot were a 'little' off the scale ((selinkkn below). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heaven's_Gate_(religious_group) And now it's confession time. I haven't actually read that Wicki thing However, I did read a magazine article about it many moons ago now. Upon reading the article I was given the knowledge that 'they' left two of their cult behind (ie.alive) to field messages and enuirioes on their website, which werwe very embryonic in those datys, and kept so by the staff, as they had been instructed so. Well, well, well, the thing is , I got in touch with these two people via their website. At first I was, to my mind, reasonable in my approach and questioning. However, then I got a bit drunk,one night soon after. I can't really recall what I saidf to them tjhat night - as in, at all. Hopwever, I thionk it must have been beyond acceptable becaUSE I woke up the next day, feeling very guilty. Mind you, when you are weaned on Roman Catholism, then you kind of get razor sharp at feeling guilty. @ Alvoram - No idea why the whole 'settings 'thing has gone mad. There is, of course, the possibil;ity that it is a representatiomn of 'me. Anyway, to cut a long storuy short, I don't think i can help ajnymore witjh the 'grouop therapy priopossal. The thing is, my mom saYS i HAVE TO GO HOME NOW, AND i'M TO BRING MY FOOPTBNAL;L WITH ME. HONESTLY, SGHE ASAUD TH\T12
  8. Hello Skip997, Your user name was very challenging to write down, just then. I was going to say that it's an odd (to me) user name, and was actually going to say so. And then I remembered my own, which some might think falls into the 'odd' category. Wouldn't want to go down the 'people in glass houses route'. Now I have a confession to make. Would you believe I have never heard that track - or at least knowingly heard it? I just got with the organ gig, knew about the song from another person a long, long time ago, looked it up and posted it here. I wonder. I really do.
  9. Oh, you smile and nod, do you? Well, in that case we are going to have to form at least 3 self help groups. The first would be for our shared bewilderment, at times. the second would be a sub group top accommodate your smiling and nodding. You may want to 'reach out' on social media for new similarly afflicted individuals. The third group would be the one that covers my 'ailment' during times of being nonplussed by other people's conversations. The thing is, the thing is, (Go on, go on, you can do it), the thing is 'My name is Yoghurt on a Stick and I drool and occasionally gurn when perplexed at others conversations. I freely admit that I sometimes think that they may be aliens - aliens that are talking about me. And talking about other things too. At least that is what I think they are doing. As a solid believer in the power of this umbrella self help group I can proudly stand up and say 'What are they talking about', and I can say it with pride. What do you think of this as a a potential; emblem for our group? Yeah, me too. I think that I'd better get help!"
  10. Oh my word - a fellow sufferer! Should we form a self help group? I mean I just don't get a lot of the conversations on here, at all - my own included!
  11. I had cause to go to an 'old money' wedding reception a few weeks ago. I wasn't a guest. I was picking up a couple who had been guests at the wedding, and were also guests at our Airbnb. I must admit the opulence of the reception was was mesmerising. I have been to one cosmically opulent wedding as a quest. however, that was 'new money'. I drove to that wedding in a Ford Sierra. it was only on the morning of the wedding that UI thought it best to take the roof rack off the car, as some might see it as unsightly. Anyway, when i got there, all (and I mean every single one of them) the other cars were cars like Bentleys Ferrari's, Rolls Royces etc etc. Mine was the only average Joe's car there. When i look back on it now, i really should have left that roof rack on. Anyway, I have digressed enormously from what I had originally intended to say. I had meant to say that that the difference between the two was, if I can be so bold, - class. The 'posh' reception had style. Why wouldn't it - they have enough wealth to do what they want. Then other wedding, although enjoyable for me (free champagne from about 12 noon until 1am) was tasteless. Get this - 'they' didn't like the flowers that the florist had arranged and provided a day before the wedding. They especially didn't like the flowers themselves. So, what did they do? They sent their private jet and presumably a staff member to fly down to Cornwall to pick some other flowers. Insane. Of course they did'n't really dislike the flowers. it was a vulgar show of wealth. Anyway, I've had a joint and it has worked. i think the above may have no relevance to your post. Oh no it does connect now. i ultimately wanted to say that the days of the empire may be practiced by increasingly fewer people whose family wealth has carried them thus far. Don't worry though, the 'new money' will also look down on you.
  12. It really was a load of twaddle, wasn't it? I often post when the balance of the mind is disturbed. Mind you, that's because I am, nearly always in a state that has been artificially altered. See that above!? More shite all over again. Still, it kills some time. That said, I am sorry. I am sorry that I have wasted your time. And mine.
  13. A bit like the Wombles. While on that kind of subject, it is my firm belief that we should hand over the reigns of this country (and all others too) to the Clangers. When a Clanger says; Then you know full well it actually is Oh, here comes nursey with my Laudanum. How delightful.
  14. I'm afraid that I haven't read the entirety of this thread, or anywhere near it. As a result I am at a bit of a lose as to who our thumb overload is? I suppose it would be asking too much for an explanation of the Macca thing is it, or are the two intertwined? * * I have no rational reason to dislike Paul McCartney, but dislike him I do, It is insane and also possibly prejudiced. However, I just don't know exactly what any of the constituent part(s) is / are. Not a sausage. It's the same with Brian May. It almost hurts me to know he exists. No reason for it. None whatsoever.** ** - Don't get me wrong, I don't as a rule go around hating everybody. It's just those two bastards, is all.
  15. I used to have a large corrugated plastic backed sign of this; I'm afraid that it was obtained by nefarious means. Anyway, I haven't got the 'hot' goods now. I gave it to the local heroin and crack addict roughly a year ago, for his new flat. Rather remarkably he's still got the flat.
  16. Gotcha. The Fonz smile and thumbs up is a well known achilles heel for the 'Woffy' Clan. Not only that clan either. I know this for fact because I hail from another clan, and can confirm that I simply go weak at the knees when somebody gives me the Fonz smile and thumbs up. Mind you, our definition of where those thumbs are located might vary - somewhat!
  17. It delights me that you enjoy and treasure it so much.
  18. Now you are aware that he needs fully sedating with vodka, don't you? Otherwise that box ain't going to contain him forever. Think of the Bride in the Kill Bill film breaking out of the coffin. Now if you allow that to happen with Woffy, you do know what's next, don't you? You'll become a one eyed Superscally, that's what. Just sayin'.
  19. What I had attempted to say in the post above was that there would be a school of thought that would argue that a double negative (as your post above) would technically result in a positive. ie. that you were actually saying that CF1 has a personality. However, even the most acquiescent would have trouble granting you that one. I would argue, vehemently, that that cannot be true. Not out of allegiance to CF1, but because he 'evidently' has a personality. It may not be to 'your' liking, or in anyway compatible with the majority of the parts which make up you. Who made you the judge, jury, and executioner of what constitutes a 'personality'? Of course, you already know the answer to that one, don't you? I mean, you do, don't you? Please don't tell me (and everyone reading this thread) that you are so mentally retarded that that you don't. Of course, please do not be persuaded by any perceived (by you) guidance from me in that area. So, to conclude - you 'saw' him at the Glastonbury festival, wearing his infamous hat, and deduced that he had no personality? You made that assumption, one would suspect, on the basis that you only 'saw' him i.e. you don't mention that you talked to him. Did you? Let's face it the answer is probably going to be a 'no' isn't it? If your answer is a 'no', you do realise that your prejudice is apparent to all? NOTE - If one was to put a hat on a person who you rated the most highly as having a personality, would they then be rendered as having no personality?
  20. Well, I haven't heard anything negative about those characters. However, that doesn't say much as reading anything about Little Britain (or anything else on tv) wouldn't really be on my agenda.
  21. Do you mean that Brewdog will run you off a small batch with your logo on it? If that was the 'thing' then surely you wouldn't be able to re-sell it on without a licence - an expensive one? Was that what you were thinking? If it was, could they sell it on your behalf, via their website. Going off, ever so slightly, on a tangent - Maybe you could do a shout out on here / competition type thing for us all to proferr an efests design? Could be interesting.
  22. I think there are two elements within your post. The first is that you mention 'fancy dress'. Well, fancy dress is not limited to cross dressing. There are swathes of people who will gladly 'do' the fancy dress thing in the UK. When you say 'It's not something you see in Europe', do you mean 'all' fancy dress? I don't know for sure, but I'd say that the cross dressing element is as others have said above. However, nobody mentioned that there may be an element of latent homosexuality as well. I have assumed this from the numbers of male gay blokes that I know (getting on for at least 50% of my mates. I hope that the other 50% aren't reading this, but I'd say that they are in denial!) who like to dress up in women's clothes. Maybe I'm wrong in that assumption (Assumption is, after all, the Mother of all fuck up's). I'm sure it'll be pointed out if I am. The other angle would be those who are inclined towards being would be trans.( well, that element of trans that applies, that is). However, I can't go into that area, as I have no direct or indirect involvement in that area.* * I did used to dress up in female clothes, but got that out of my system by the time that I was 20. I am 57 now. Thank you moogster for raising this topic. Hopefully the thread will be a runner, and we all may learn something. 🙂
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