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  1. SamJ

    Camping at Worthy Farm

    Hi, sorry if this has been asked. Can we take a portable fire pit? thanks!
  2. SamJ

    Camping at Worthy Farm

    Thanks! Much easier than the usuals set up, especially with 2 kids along. Hope you are having a great time on site as well as cleaning. I am seeing all the photos and just longing to be there.
  3. SamJ

    Camping at Worthy Farm

    Hey, can anyone at the campsite update on the showers? We are going later in the summer. Is it the usual greenpeace set up? thanks!
  4. I was worried about this. BBC at the time said most have occurred in the first 2 weeks after I think. And congrats on the jab!
  5. SamJ

    Camping at Worthy Farm

    Wow. I was ready for full ticket panic but got through straight away. Yesssss!
  6. From the health professionals I know, they are allocated a set number per GP surgery. It’s why London is so far behind some areas, as the surgeries cater for higher numbers where the population is dense but vaccination allocation has not been adjusted for that
  7. Had my jab today. East London. Early 40s. Mild / moderate asthma. Interestingly I was told I was invited because I’m on a local hospital’s patient list ... but I am not getting treatment for anything at the moment so it was a bit of a surprise.
  8. if it’s any comfort, relatives who had the jab about 9 weeks ago got told to expect a call from GP in week 10/11
  9. Super depressed by this given the govt bumped moderate asthmatics out of groups 1-9. Even if lower /average risk of death the data shows higher risk of long COVID. So it’s at least another two months (May plus 3 weeks) with the kids at school being anxious and hyper vigilant every day. No seeing friends because they are all already breaking restrictions. Just grim.
  10. Reassuring thread for those worried about school opening https://mobile.twitter.com/apsmunro/status/1362446759545495554
  11. My dad’s getting his jab on Monday - that will be 6 members of my close family vaccinated. So happy to get the news today. I have been missing seeing him so much and this feels like a light at the end of a really long winter!
  12. At my work last Feb we were told to plan for 1/3rd to 1/2 our staff being ill or unable to work due to caring responsibilities at any one time. But we were given the impression it would be a short-lived disruption, eg 3 months or so.
  13. Contract lawyers of Twitter assemble!
  14. So, a thing that gets to me about the so called vaccine wars is that the numbers are peanuts from the EU side. Assuming the whole of the UK 2 million per week got diverted to the EU, they only get approx 75K per country (I haven’t broken down by population). Obviously every dose counts but it’s a drop in the ocean. Is it likely that the whole UK delivery would be diverted? Probably not, so actually it would be a lesser amount (37K ish if they got 1/2). The numbers aren’t proportionate to the row. So it strengths the case that this is at least partly manufactured to divert pressure and scrutiny from the Commission / govts involved. Of course, EU aren’t the only ones who do that ...
  15. What I am hearing from local health providers is that BAME take up rate is extremely low. The numbers I heard are 80-90% of some groups are refusing offered vaccinations. Really need to understand why and how to counter.
  16. Sorry to hear he’s so stressed. It’s such a rubbish time for them.
  17. I’ve got an 8 year old and a 3 year old. Both ok on the surface at the moment, but after the last long lockdown I really worry about their mental health. At least older kids and young adults can (to an extent) socialise online. But the little ones need to play with kids their age and neither can really manage zoom or FaceTime. Lockdown is for the greater good, and I wouldn’t want them in school / nursery if it’s not safe - but I desperately hope they are allowed to play with other kids outside before Easter. I really worry about the long term effects of so much isolation.
  18. I’ve taken a 1 year old to glasto and camped in the family field and it was great. Not the festival I was used to, but still a brilliant new experience. NCT in kids field were super helpful. You end up having a lot of gear but it’s totally doable.
  19. Downer. Not much hope for those like me who don’t have tickets now until 2023
  20. Parents in law, over 70, 1 extremely vulnerable due to multiple health issues, got the call for vaccines yesterday in London. They will get a home visit due to said vulnerabilities. Fingers crossed. Lack of contact has been extremely difficult as they are very tech phobic so cannot (will not) even FaceTime. Honestly they and my OH were crushed not to be able to go for a walk outside to meet up at Xmas. Holding out hope for spring now.
  21. The people who make the list are policy officials and any immigration rules change has to be agreed by Ministers. They will be in the Home Office rather than DCMS but the policy officials talk across depts. Anyway, I don’t place too much weight on it but a thing that needs to be in place is in place.
  22. Yes, but if DCMS were certain festivals aren’t going ahead they wouldn't need to do it this year. It’s likely just background noise but a small potential positive?
  23. Not sure if this is a positive sign or just background noise but the Home Office have a list of festivals that have special visa rules for performers which allow performers to come as visitors but get paid (I think). It’s called the permit free festival list. Generally they update it each year with a revised list of festivals. Anyway they published rules on 31 December with an updated list - including Glastonbury. So it looks like at least they are not ruling festivals out link is here (if this works) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/statement-of-changes-to-the-immigration-rules-cp-361-31-december-2020
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