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  1. Cheers for the tip. Ticket bought 👍🏼
  2. xtrmntr75


    Anybody heard any whispers about support for the Clifton Downs gig?
  3. Thats so true. Last band I saw last year before it all came crashing down. The third album is also pretty special. That puts them about two and a half decent albums up on some of the indie tripe you see on the various festival line ups
  4. Talking of milking cows, they did well out of that first album. What's Chris Karloff up to? He was the brains of the operation.
  5. Aw that psych fest looks brilliant
  6. Always amazes me that Stereophonics keep appearing so high up festival line ups. Each to their own I suppose
  7. Were Foals not on the original line-up? It's pretty meh for me
  8. Ach TITP just got out of hand with the neds. It seemed like every central belt scheme was represented. Its been my first KC and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Quite chilled. The mud yesterday didn’t put too much of a dampener on things. Enjoyed hanging out in Tim Peaks. Tim did a wee set last night with his young band. Hearing White Shirt and Flower was amazing. Great singalong. Would definitely return.
  9. Any idea what time Gomez are on on Thursday?
  10. Playground might succeed as it could be well be aimed at the middle class affluent clientele who live in that area of Greater Glasgow. Real shame about EF. Maybe just bit off more than it could chew. On reflection, last year’s line-up looks ambitious for the attendance.
  11. I’m booking a day off on the Sunday. Gutted about Idles being on the same time as Doves. It has to be IDLES
  12. Lewis Capaldi / Gerry Simenon / Kasabian They are still trying to sell this to the Central Belt schemes aren’t they?
  13. Sorry didn’t read your post properly that the press reported it.
  14. Is there likely to be any notable additions to the line-up?
  15. Where is the information on the stage splits?
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