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  1. Hi All. Cleaning the Pyramid field was definitely quicker this year. Thank you to all of you for not dropping as much litter. Not twice as quick but 30 to 45 minutes quicker is much appreciated. Hopefully the other fields found the same. Overflowing bins are a good thing, showing that people have made an effort to keep the field clean. It’s easier to fill bags from piles of cans or piles of paper cups so please keep separating even if the bin is full. Huge difference in terms of plastic really impressed how quickly this message has got across Picked up a handful of bottles each day this really cuts down on the volume of the waste as well. It’s much more satisfying picking up conpostables and recyclable cans than single use plastic. Need to tackle fag butts though. One of the hardest things to pick up. Maybe a festival branded ash tray container might help. Also please leave the ring pulls on the can. Doh! The Monday morning pick was maybe similar to last year. Perhaps because of the size of the crowds and people being more static than on other days. A quick look at Big Ground and it did seem better. Still some large camps of 4 or 5 tents completely abandoned. Surely if you are on a big group it’s a quick team effort to clear up. Sorry for the ramble need some sleep. Thanks again for littering less and look forward to even less next year. Most litter pickers are volunteers working for a charity such as the Bhopal Medical Appeal thanks
  2. We will be litter picking the site at 6am Friday to Monday morning. Please help us all get finished quickly. Especially the Pyramid field Thanks in advance.
  3. Bathimp

    Village Ticket

    Hi how did you find the ticket for sale? Thanks
  4. Bathimp

    Village Ticket

    Hi Panasonic 2011. If you decide not to buy it would you mind letting me know where it’s for sale? Many thanks
  5. I will be helping a couple more litter pickers get in through gate B before it gets besieged by the overnight queue.
  6. Sunday about 5ish. One of the perks of litter picking.
  7. Sitting in Tom's Field having a cider and smoke after my first night on site. One of the benefits of litter picking! Can't wait!
  8. Bathimp

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    13 of us trying, only one or two holding pages between us will be litter picking for the second year running make sure you don't make a mess on the pyramid field please
  9. Thanks for backing me up. I thought even more marbles had been lost!
  10. Sorry to be a pain but I thought that a Desmond was a 2:2?? As in Tutu?? have I got this completely wrong all these years? well done to JK fir getting a 2:1
  11. Bathimp


    Screen and speaker frames going up. Starting to look real!
  12. Bathimp

    New Order

    Beautiful work!
  13. I tried for Bath coaches, several options for single and return for different times were listed, but all were marked as not available
  14. the alert is for tipis sold out
  15. Both East and West still available
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