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  1. Very enjoyable reminding myself of these... 🥰
  2. Robster86


    Could the information efestivals was told for 2019, actually have been for 2020?? I'd love to see them there!
  3. I'll be recovering from my hen do (festival themed) that finishes Sunday, washing and packing everything, ready to go again at 4 am Wednesday morning from Brighton town!
  4. Could this change now that Glastonbury will need to bump someone up to Other headliner where Prodigy were due to play? Just a thought, perhaps The Streets could take that slot.
  5. Janelle Monae Kylie Snow Patrol The Streets Christine & The Queens Sigrid Lizzo Diplo The Killers Jungle That's without the hope that Foals might still be announced...
  6. Any one know if it's worth clearing cache?
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