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  1. Robster86

    What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Hi folks! I'm off to stay in Wells for a long weekend tomorrow. Planning to visit the site, Glastonbury Tor, Cheddar Gorge. If you've got any recommendations on any good places to eat and drink in the area, i'd love to hear them!
  2. Robster86

    See Coach times up?

    5 of us on the 07:45 from Brighton on Wednesday - elated! Anyone got the coach in on Wednesday morning from Brighton before? How long does it take? Wondering if we'll be able to get a good spot on Hitchin Hill, or whether we'll just have to pitch up in Darble and have some walking on our hands for the festival.
  3. Robster86

    The state of the ground.

    2015 was fantastic imho. There was a heavy downpour during mary j Blige but other than that, I thought it was perfect from memory? 2016 - the mud was awful, but certainly didn't stop my enjoyment of the festival, except when stuck in a rather unsafe feeling spot in the Shangai la mud! 2011 was worse than 2016 due to it actually raining a lot of the festival I think. Can't comment on 05/07 comparisons as I wasn't there! 09/13/14 were all pretty decent.
  4. Robster86

    Glasto Whilst 3-4 Months' Pregnant?

    Hitchin hill - end closest to pyramid has good toilet and water facilities and you can get a decent space usually up til noon on weds there. It is the best camping spot imo, even with a bit of a hill climb to get to bed late at night.
  5. Robster86

    Detailed Glastonbury map

    Excellent ! Thank you....
  6. Robster86

    Detailed Glastonbury map

    Can anyone advise if you can now walk up to Lime Kiln/Hitchin Hill once you've leave Darble - there is a diagonal path I'm not sure is accessible? I believe before John Peel moved, this was hospitality camping so people couldn't walk through? I'm trying to work out whether it's worth trekking to my beloved Hitchin Hill from Gate A (getting the coach), if we can short cut rather than have to go a rather difficult route round to get there. Otherwise, we may well just pitch up in Darble to avoid the hassle. Any advice appreciated! Thanks Robyn
  7. Robster86

    Stage Predictions 2017

    I will take this
  8. Robster86

    Overheard funnies

    Near the interactive paint screen things at The Blues... Guy shouts while walking past: "Watch out Banksy, some rich kids are drawing shit".
  9. Robster86

    Videos to show first timers

    This is lovely! Still my number one Glastonbury moment...
  10. I am actually being made to go in The Conningham tonight. They do have a pool table though. Win. Wish me luck! #bushw12

  11. If all public transport could kindly buck it ideas up today, that would be grand. There is coffee at the office that won't drink itself.

  12. I fail at sleeping. Boo.

  13. What is with the buses today. Shepherd Bush - no buses. Harrow - no buses. Stupid TFL.

  14. Wembley park station smells of poo today.

  15. Picking a new phone is hard! >:( IPhone, BB or HTC?! Discuss...