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  1. Yes it's nothing to worry about, just chose the registration that looks most like you / is most recent and go with that! I think I've got 2 or 3.
  2. hannahlmoore


    I'm considering coach too this time and wanted to know, does everyone in the same booking group need to get the same coach? (I assume this is the case). As we're having discussions around which day to go.
  3. I failed last year so surely the Gods will be with me this time right? I'm going to try for coach for the first time too to increase chances.
  4. My friend got Brothers to send her a big sign for their Brothers bar which they semeed more than happy to do! She also got a load of wellies and spray painted them gold and used them as vases for wild flowers in the outside area, they looked fab.
  5. I wouldn't worry about it too much - it's easy to get nervous after reading about tent thefts but it really is few and far between, I've been 5 times and I've never had anything nicked. Lock ups are also available so you can also lock surplus items in there and then visit it daily to get stuff out. Staying off site is such a mission - that's why no one really does it, plus the fact that you really miss out on the whole glasto experience. If you are that worried then hiring a campervan might be a better option - my parents stay up in the campervan field and it is lovely and chilled up there! Or check out the pre errected tent fields, such as Tangerine Fields, I used them at Bestival and they were ace. You need a wrist band to get in and there is 24 hour security which gives you a bit of piece of mind.
  6. On the luxary accomodation places, surely there must be a bargain to be had last minute if they still haven't sold. But saying that, even if they marked them down by 50% you're still looking at the price of a holiday!!!
  7. Hi all, hope this is allowed (please delete if not!) If anyone is in the Wiltshire area today / this weekend after the Solstice then my Mum runs a gorgeous little shop in Pewsey selling Indian / Nepalese bits and pieces, and she has some awesome festival type stuff such as flags and other clothing. They trade from their narrow boat at the Barge Inn and from their shop: https://www.the-barge-inn.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Purple-Hands-502691503461662/ She's a Glasto regular so would love a chat
  8. I didn't get tickets but my parents did so I'm sure I'll get lots of drunken updates on the family whatsapp all weekend! Waaaa!
  9. I tend to take fruit juice for my mixers now, not so minging when they are warm....
  10. Horrible dilemma I know but it's not worth losing a best mate over, there will be other festivals but best mates are one in a million. Well, unless they are shit, and in that case still go.
  11. hannahlmoore

    Resale Club 2019

    After lurking in this forum for months and keeping fingers crossed for the resale, my friend has announced she's getting married on the Friday of Glasto. Gutted (although happy for her). So that's 4 of us no longer trying. Best of luck everyone!
  12. The variety of people. Meeting up with my Dad at the cider bus. Meeting an old friend from school. Bumping in to someone I used to work with. Partying with absolute strangers, some of whom I've kept in contact with since. The HUGE variety of music. The buzz of the place. There's nothing like it! *prays to resale gods*
  13. If they are doing live shows this summer then surely Glasto is a given! It must be! (I still need a resale ticket though....) I ended up buying a second hand ticket for one of their 21st anniversary show at Brixton Electric and it was one of the best nights of my life, the crowd were something else, so much fun.
  14. I also didn't get Glasto tickets (sob) and used to love Bestival. This looks quite good: https://eldoradofestival.com/ Also considered Wilderness but I'm worried the posh lot would get on my tits!!
  15. You should be able to find this kind of stuff online - Glastonbury for example has a basic packing list on their site: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/advice/packing-list/ Add to that plenty of bright and colourful festival gear and whatever your poison is and away you go!
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