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  1. Horrible dilemma I know but it's not worth losing a best mate over, there will be other festivals but best mates are one in a million. Well, unless they are shit, and in that case still go.
  2. hannahlmoore

    Resale Club 2019

    After lurking in this forum for months and keeping fingers crossed for the resale, my friend has announced she's getting married on the Friday of Glasto. Gutted (although happy for her). So that's 4 of us no longer trying. Best of luck everyone!
  3. The variety of people. Meeting up with my Dad at the cider bus. Meeting an old friend from school. Bumping in to someone I used to work with. Partying with absolute strangers, some of whom I've kept in contact with since. The HUGE variety of music. The buzz of the place. There's nothing like it! *prays to resale gods*
  4. If they are doing live shows this summer then surely Glasto is a given! It must be! (I still need a resale ticket though....) I ended up buying a second hand ticket for one of their 21st anniversary show at Brixton Electric and it was one of the best nights of my life, the crowd were something else, so much fun.
  5. I also didn't get Glasto tickets (sob) and used to love Bestival. This looks quite good: https://eldoradofestival.com/ Also considered Wilderness but I'm worried the posh lot would get on my tits!!
  6. You should be able to find this kind of stuff online - Glastonbury for example has a basic packing list on their site: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/advice/packing-list/ Add to that plenty of bright and colourful festival gear and whatever your poison is and away you go!
  7. I live right by Tottehnam Marshes so was considering checking it out after having a Field Day hiatus for about 4 years, but not feeling inspired by the line up at all, especially with the day split. Fingers crossed for some better announcements! (Or better still, fingers crossed I get Glasto resale tickets instead....)
  8. I would personally find it so hard to just get out of the 'zone' get out and go to a wedding, then come back again. Glasto is a huge event, you wait for months for it, and getting out and back in again would just be such a huge mission. Not to mention the cost... Family are important, but also it's important for people (i.e your Mum) to understand that your wants and needs are important too! Weddings have got over the top these days - I know someone who went to 12 last year - I really don't think it's fair for people to be constantly expected to hold weekends out for a wedding unless it's something really important to them. None of my cousins came to my wedding and I didn't mind one little bit - made it cheaper for me!
  9. We got offered some great quality Mandy up at Arcadia last year when we weren't even looking for it. Partied with the lads for a while after we bought it, they were absolutely sound, probably one of my best nights at a festival ever! But we do tend to bring our own stuff with us as I can't be arsed to go around looking when I'm trying to enjoy myself.
  10. hannahlmoore


    I spent the lead up to '17 absolutely convinced that they would play and had my dreams dashed, so I wouldn't ever build up my hopes again! Not that I actually have a ticket
  11. Feel really sad today, yesterday I tried to look at the positive angle of trying a different festival but I've looked up a load and come to the conculusion that they just aren't Glastonbury!
  12. YESSSS. Goldie's 90's set at Arcadia on the Sat night last year was just epic.
  13. Groove Armada live pleeeease after I missed out on tickets for their Dec gig! Crazy P live would be ace. Have Hercules & Love Affair ever played? That would be so awesome. Also - KRAFTWERK? And shitloads of drum n bass, the older the better
  14. hannahlmoore

    Posh Camping

    Tangerine Fields is great - I've done it at Bestival but they also cover Glasto according to their site. Really reasonably priced.
  15. I'm devastated this morning because their first live show in 7 years sold out within seconds and I didn't get a ticket. And of course they are now being sold by a load of c@*ts on various tout sites. So anyway, it got me thinking - Groove Armada full live show at Glasto '19 possibility?! They rocked my world in 2008!
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