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    What do we think about the possibility of Phoenix returning this year? Headlined the John Peel stage in 2013. Have prepped website and social network pages to the television test pattern, typically implying a channel or transmitter is active but is not yet broadcasting anything. Have announced their first festival date for next summer with Bilbao BBK Live.
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    The National

    I tuned in to that Q+A last night and although the bad news is there will be no new record ... like you've just said they are still heavily touring. No plans to tour ELVY in festival season. The good news is that matt was clearly ignoring questions about glastonbury (at one time he even muttered 'not answering that one'). It wasn't an overly busy feed so I'm 100% sure he was reading them. I see that as either they are in talks/on lineup or still annoyed about not being there last year.