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  1. this should have been in that post
  2. and if he doesn't I will very tempted to go from this up to the Manchester Psych Festival to make up for missing EotR
  3. A Yo La Tengo / Low clash would be horrendous Beirut need to be replaced with another band I have no interest in
  4. still on https://www.loudandquiet.com/short/its-a-news-bonanza-as-end-of-the-road-festival-make-their-final-announcements-for-2019/
  5. possibly being kept back as late push for ticket sales? that Westerman would have been opening the Big Top indicates Kelly Lee Owens will be in a late slot, like Sleaford Mods on Saturday also think Nov3l will be in the later Tipi slot, unlikely they'd have William Tyler/Jim Ghedi and Black Midi/Porridge Radio clashes
  6. Just noticed Martin Kohlstedt on the line up. Facebook says he's playing on Friday, presumably at the piano stage
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