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  1. Halestorm have more monthly listeners than Ghost and have done arena tours, and they headlined second. Though their arena tour was after they headlined tbf. Megadeth have substantially more monthly listeners than Ghost and have done arenas too. I'm not justifying it I just know that it's mostly ticket sales plus I suspect some degree of Spotify/apple music that dictates bookings and Ghost aren't at level Download would deem 'Headliner' yet. As for Knotfest UK yeah you could be right for sure. Edit - for the record I think Ghost headlining Main whilst Machine Head did a 90 min set on 2nd would be a great move. MH are already doing their own tour with Amon Amarth? Bands normally do their own run and then a festival run, or vice versa.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if they were sub but I can see them as 2nd stage headliner. Especially up against Run The Jewels. Slipknot I still think will do a Knotfest UK. Machine Head like I've mentioned before I think will do a festival run as quite simply they could do with the cash.
  3. Fri: SOAD, Disturbed, Halestorm Sat: Metallica, Machine Head, Gojira Sun: RATM, Run The Jewels, Alice In Chains
  4. And Nova Rock. And those dates all add up that would be 5 fests in 3 weeks. That's a mini tour already. Could also do an Ireland date and Swedish and Finnish dates. And the current tour doesn't venture into Eastern Europe at all - Poland an obvious country there. And potentially Baltic's too? And Russia? Serbia? They normally hit all or some of those countries too.
  5. I can't see Metallica doing a European tour and not playing the UK. It would be very odd. That's why it feels to me like if they aren't doing 2022 UK date it's cuz they have a big (so probs festival) 2023 date plan. RATM I think depends on whether they do Reading/Leeds or not. I think it will be something like: Fri: SOAD, Disturbed, Limp Bizkit Sat: Metallica, Machine Head Sun: Rammstein, Ghost, Gojira
  6. Rammstein new album apparently going to be released before their 2022 tour. Would say they deffo are a candidate for headliner in 2023. Can't see them effectively touring 2 new albums just for the 1 season. Makes sense for them to continue in 2023 with festivals too.
  7. And yet they play arenas on their other UK dates. Probably more to do with the type of festival Reading is rather than them....
  8. Yeah it feels like there 'should' be one given the other Slipknot European dates and so many bands missing from Download who are otherwise doing the fests. Obvs some at Bloodstock but still.
  9. The main argument about Biffy headlining isn't that they aren't capable, it's that if they can why can't Korn? And the answer at the end of the day is all about UK wide tour ticket sales, where Biffy beat Korn by a fair amount. But a Download audience isn't a UK wide one, hence why many people feel aggreived. It's all a symptom of Download's headliner problem tbh.
  10. They deffo got some hate for Supercharger but that went away after The Blackening. Plus I think it's really underestimated how many people actually love The Burning Red album (play From This Day at a metal night and a good deal of the older crowd will go crazy for it). That tour would have been with Metallica so tbh it was probs just some part time rock fans who like the black album who were doing the booing.
  11. Most Machine Head hate comes from American right wing keyboard warriors and a handful of UK folk to try to emulate them.
  12. Machine Head and Amon Amarth co-headline arena your announced for UK and Europe Autumn 2022. Both good bets for Download 2023 unless they headline Bloodstock that year. Porcupine Tree reunion too. UK/Europe dates tba for Oct/Nov next year. Another candidate too.
  13. Can't see them being that high up. They were never that big in the UK tbh. Maybe one of the other main stage slits though there is a couple left on the Sunday, though as I mentioned before if Download have any sense they'd move Spiritbox to one of those. Clashfinder also thinks the second stage slot on Saturday before Mastodon is free and I could see them doing that.
  14. Yeah it's very frustrating. I know I disagree with you over some potential headliners but yeah deffo agree they don't do anywhere near enough to promote new bands.
  15. Your probably right. They did in 2019 with Alien Weaponry though. But the slot bookings are questionable for sure.
  16. Download should do themselves a favour and move Spiritbox to a mainstage spot. They are getting alot of attention and tucked away on 4th is a wasted opportunity.
  17. Haha truth, though I meant more it was an indication of how Reading n Leeds aren't rock fests anymore.
  18. Yeah I'd be surprised if they went back to R+L after that!
  19. The problem in the UK is mainstream attitude's towards rock and metal. Fans like me get rather tired of being called 'f***ing goths' by the weathespoons going crowd, so the mixing of bands can be a put off. It's why I don't bother with R+L anymore.
  20. Haha well Hellfest is blowing every other fest out of the field next year. But asides from Aerosmith it's strange Download aren't getting all the bands Graspop are. I wonder if some will be at a Knotfest UK but still.
  21. I'm looking at Grasspop 2022 and wondering what the hell has gone wrong for Download 2022.
  22. I mean Live Nation would laugh in your face if you tried to convince them Download 2023 would sell 80,000+ tickets with Ghost and FFDP headlining but whatever.
  23. No thanks. Sure I'm not the only one who would think that either. I don't mind either band but to headline Download? Nah.
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