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  1. richroet

    Rate The Performances You Saw Out of 10

    Friday The Pretenders - 7 - still sounded good and had some heart and soul to the performance Charlie XCX - 6 - couldn't be bothered to move after the Pretenders but was much better than I though Royal Blood - 10 - wow just wow Elbow - 7.5 - not their best performance but still very entertaining in that Elbow kind of way Lorde - 8 - future superstar Dizzee Rascal - 3 - really should have gone somewhere else Saturday Jools Holland - 6.5 - entertaining enough and a good way to start the day Wild Beast - 6 - didn't know what to expect really but were good enough entertainment Kaiser Chiefs - 7 - not their best but better than they were Toots - not their fault that the accident on the track stopped half the band getting there The National - 4 - no thanks Foo Fighters - 8 - first time I have seen them and were very good Sunday Dropkick Murphys - 7 - only caught the last few songs but wish I had been there for the whole set Rag n Bone Man - 8 - big decision of the weekend this to stick with the rest of the group of go to see King Gizzard and Frank Carter. He smashed it to a very big crowd Barry Gibb - 7 - had no intention seeing him buy was pleasantly surprised Chic - 9 - the party that the day needed Biffy - 7.5 - don't know if it was that there were so many Ed fans there affecting the atmosphere or if the performance was a little off but I felt a little disappointed Scouting for Girls - 7.5 - no interest in the other headliners so went with the rest of my crowd for a very entertaining hour
  2. richroet

    On site observations

    I didn't find that a problem at all #shortarse
  3. richroet

    Scouting for Girls

    We were there too and it was a great send off for us at the end of the Festival. Seemed a mix between their own best of and a weird covers band at times but still worked. Remember the Glastonbury song from when they played on the Other stage last time they played the festival
  4. richroet

    On site observations

    The worse ones for me are the people who think the best place to stop for a chat with a group of people is on a naturally busy path rather than moving to one side or off the path all together. Almost every time we got to the cross roads at West Holts there was chaos at least partly caused by big groups chatting away as people struggled to get past them.
  5. richroet

    Largest Crowd of the Weekend?

    I believe there were people were saying the BBK had a big crowd on the Other stage from what they saw on TV. Trust me it was a tiny crowd for that stage
  6. richroet

    Largest Crowd of the Weekend?

    I was in the pit for Biffy as well and a lot of the crush was due to loads of Sheeran fans in there looking very out of their depth and quite bemused about what was going on
  7. richroet

    On site observations

    Think some of the crowd issues were caused by bigger than expected crowds for some acts coupled with some strange scheduling and some that bombed with crowds.
  8. richroet

    On site observations

    I found the walk between stages to be incredibly quick at times - the trouble is most people are sheep and all go in the same direction instead of going a slightly different route. We left the Other stage after Rag n Bone man, cut through the gully and wandered toward the Pyramid with plenty of time to spare for Barry Gibb, expected it to take much longer. Most people shuffled in the same direction past the Solstice Bar and it was crawling
  9. richroet

    Dave Grohl & Famous People

    Was pretty close to Jeremy Corbyn when he was doing his photo at the Solstice Bar at the Other Stage before his speech at the Pyramid. You can just about see me on the picture on his twitter feed.
  10. richroet

    Dave Grohl & Famous People

    Was pretty close to Jeremy Corbyn when he was doing his photo at the Solstice Bar at the Other Stage before his speech at the Pyramid. You can just about see me on the picture on his twitter feed.
  11. richroet

    New security measures in place

    Entered the site Wednesday at about 12.30pm with no problem didn't see many bag searches either. Had a second trip about 7.30pm, too hot before that, and again no searches. Then did mini runs early Thursday, Friday and Saturday and was bag searched every time although was very quiet each time. Had a disposable bbq confiscated on the Saturday due to the risk of fire due to dry ground. Packed up Sunday morning and took kit back to car. Came back with no bags at all and were all searched. It looks like everyone on Sunday were getting searched. All of this was at gate D btw. Despite the fact it looked like everyone was searched that we saw on Sunday that was the only day we saw any glass bottles, mostly small wine bottles
  12. richroet

    Top 5 Acts

    1 Royal Blood 2 Rag n Bone Man 3 Lorde 4 Chic 5 Foo Fighters
  13. richroet

    Why was everyone late?

    Some of our group saw here while still tangled up in the tractor and couldn't figure out how she had got there. Hope she is ok. As an aside not only did it mean no Toots it also meant that they were very close to wetting themselves as they couldn't get to the toilets and queues were massive elsewhere because no-one could get to other toilet blocks
  14. richroet

    Why was everyone late?

    A woman somehow got tangled up with a tractor and was hurt so they closed the track off to get her out and get medical attention
  15. richroet

    Friday Highlights

    Nearly forgot the Pretenders starting it all off. Great day