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  1. Morse Code

    New security measures in place

    A cursory check in the van from a very friendly security guy on the way in to camper van west. No queues and straight in at 12:30 Saw a couple of bottles of wine being confiscated but no different to previous years. I can confirm it's fucking hot so the cold beer is off setting the sweat being lost from putting the tent up!!
  2. Morse Code

    worried about youngsters and drugs?

    Kids these days! Pffft!
  3. Morse Code

    FAO posh salt grinder owners/enthusiasts IMPORTANT PLEASE READ

    No champers?? What in god's name do these heathens expect us to drink all week??
  4. Morse Code

    Weather 2017

  5. Morse Code

    Weather 2017

    None of this matters until 7pm Sunday....
  6. Morse Code

    Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.

    The whole thing got covered up Where's the underground piano bar?
  7. Morse Code

    Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.

    No, only their souls. Is the stone circle?
  8. Morse Code

    New security measures in place

    The way it's written sounds like one of those dodgy lottery emails. No way that's from Glasto HQ!
  9. Morse Code

    Liam and Noel playing tonight

    Well done, well done the organisers, well done the roadies and technicians, well done the artists, well done the boys in blue but most of all well done those kids, those happy, smiling, joyous kids filling the stadium and our screens with the hope and belief that the world isn't completely fucked. Well done indeed.
  10. Morse Code

    The Glastonbury 2017 Hurt/Heal Headliner Game

    Radiohead - 89Foo Fighters - 50 Major Lazer - 25 Alt-J - 50 Boy Better Know - 50 Dizzee Rascal - 40 The Jacksons - 57 Justice - 95 (+5)Phoenix - 64 Metronomy - 60The Flaming Lips - 60Warpaint - 50Kano - 50Status Quo - 32Hothouse Flowers - 51Ani Difranco - 50The Mavericks - 37The Dhol Foundation - 52Hackney Colliery Band - 52Billy Bragg - 35 Alison Moyet - 52 Dreadzone - 52Nines - 50Fatboy Slim - 52
  11. Morse Code

    "Really big secret"

    Mind scrambled with the usual line up release excitement! I knew I'd seen it but hadn't realised it was only today and not when the poster first came out. Cheers for clearing it up!
  12. Morse Code

    "Really big secret"

    Dreams do come true!
  13. Morse Code

    "Really big secret"

    Nope, it's me that's confused. You know when you have one of those really real dreams that when you wake up you've no idea if it was a dream or real? Well yeah, that!
  14. Morse Code

    "Really big secret"

    Oops! Just checked and must've dreamt that one! Sorry dude So yeah, it's Liam then!
  15. Morse Code

    "Really big secret"

    Yep, that great big secret that was on the first line up poster. I think the definition of secret needs a revisit!