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  1. Spoke to a pal of mine who manages an act called Paranoid London (I know nothing about what they do) and he says they've been asked to play but nothing is confirmed yet, but seems likely they will
  2. 2017 came out two years ago today funnily enough
  3. Anyone else think Belle and Sebastian were magnificent tonight?
  4. Mainly because I'm not that bothered and was out with friends of his. I'm not a huge Arctics fan. Favourite band is The National so as I say wasn't going into great detail
  5. I "care" because it's thee only festival pi really enjoy and go to every year and I heard it was a possibility so I asked the question
  6. It does have a big population bit when you live here if you are in the trade I am in it is essentially a village. I asked due my attendanceat primavera, nothing more to it, answer I received was yes. Just passing on info
  7. I just found it strange they both were in order on the list of following on the primavera Twitter. As I previously explained, a drunken tweet I sent, with regards to what to me was a list of bands they followed. Either way, Arctics are playing. I live and run a pub in Sheffield and Sheffield is a very small city so everyone hears everything
  8. Arctic monkeys 100% doing primavera this year. From the horses mouth so to speak
  9. LastFm have posted this on their site https://www.last.fm/festival/4334845+Primavera+Sound+2018/lineup?page=1
  10. I made took those screenshots when I was out drinking and got excited. I've done another screenshot in the last 5 mins and the order is still the same. A lot of those have been talked about in recent weeks and I just found it to coincidental for them to be in a list together so soon to an expected announcement. Either way the screenshot wasn't faked
  11. For what it's worth the the list I put up. The screenshot is genuine. Whether or not they were actually followed that day I'm not 100% thinking about it. It's just I've noticed on people I have followed for a while when you click on followers and following it is gently in date order
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