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  1. Does anybody have any recommendations for good electronic music festivals? I'm just back from Primavera Sound where I saw some really good electronic music live and DJ sets. One of the highlights was Objekt playing his first live performance with some insane visuals and intense IDM performance. It's made me really interested in finding a really good electronic music festival (I'm yet to attend a fully electronic music festival) to attend next year which can offer good electronic music combined with interesting lights and visuals. I know of some ones such as Sonar, Dimensions, Dekmantel, Houghton and Gottwood but I'm wondering if anybody has first hand experience?
  2. What's the signal like onsite for messaging/phoning friends?
  3. Just checking out that place rn. Noticed it does both food and drink. What are the prices like?
  4. Has anybody got any tips on ensuring I eat the most authentic Spanish food as much as possible? I'll be in the city a fair so any good tapas places or street food recommendations would be good but I'm also wondering what the festival food is like. Any suggestions on decent food I can bring in to the festival would be good as well. Ps. Cheap as possible too plz
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