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  1. Interesting that PS updated the poster immediately when both Phoenix and Ride were announced. But there still hasn't been any update since Warpaint, Little Simz, Cuco or Khruangbin. In fact, there isn't any mention on the website at all of the Poble Espanyol Khruangbin show.
  2. Absolutely delighted with Warpaint, a real favourite of mine. The additions of Phoenix, Ride & Warpaint have all been 10/10 for me and in retrospect, easily would have been enough to sway me to go for both weekends (thankfully I already opted for that!). I am however getting a touch of dread due to the strength of this lineup getting borderline ridiculous. The fear of major clashes is really starting to kick in 🙃
  3. Surprised to see how many acts are being shared between MC & PS (Leon Vynehall, Peggy Gou, Noga Erez, Nina Kraviz, Beebadoobee) at this early stage. Not sure if they're also expecting Strokes too? I thought it tended to be 1-2 acts max. I think Beebadoobee being placed 8 acts from the top of her day (TBC headliners aside) at Mad Cool compared to her bracket starting 21 acts from top at her Primavera day speaks a lot 😉
  4. That Mad Cool poster has done nothing but reiterate how stacked Primavera is.
  5. Just noticing that the members of The Comet Is Coming are collectively playing through Sons of Kemet and Soccer96. Probably a good shout for a future addition/secret show..
  6. Interesting to see that article on the primavera website announcing Phoenix refers to them as ''The first of the surprises yet to be revealed..."
  7. Delighted with Phoenix!! Had some doubts since committing to both weekends but this has definitely eased the concern. Hoping Iggy gets re-booked for weekend 1.
  8. If it's any consolation, I'm the same age as the band members and I still find it to be some of the worst noise I've ever had my ears endure. How anyone can appreciate this nonsense is beyond me.
  9. I hope it is the case that double weekend ticket holders are prioritised above VIP for the midweek shows (as that's the ticket I have of course! 🙂) Having said that, I already know I'm going to be exhausted midweek and I'd only really be interested in Beck at Razzmatazz and maybe the Jamie XX DJ set. I think a lot of people will be in a similar position - so the midweek shows may not be as busy as you'd think.
  10. I expect whatever handful of acts still to be confirmed, may come before general sale on June 1st. That was the case last year with Kurt Vile etc being added after the initial announcement (PNL too?), but in time for ticket sales. Hopeful of the same, and that Iggy Pop will come back too.
  11. Does anyone have any idea or opinions on how the upgrade might work? I feel that this is all too much for my tiny mind to process before May 31st and so I'm leaning towards paying the upgrade in the meantime. But if it comes to it, and I can only make 1 of the 2 weekends, I'm assuming it'll not be possible to sell (at face value) the other weekend as it'll be the one physical ticket 😞
  12. Sons of Kemet being added could mean a secret Smile show? Glad to see Pond added
  13. They have updated the video on the website. It is showing a lot of Haim, St. Vincent, NIN, Thom Yorke, Warpaint, Metronomy, Tyler and Arcade Fire. Could it be?
  14. Do we know what/where to be watching? The countdown on the website? Radio Show?
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