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  1. Could anyone leaving BD today give a lift to my friend Sabina..somewhere close to Exeter bus or train station..she has no luggage and is more than happy to pay..thanks !
  2. I have enjoyed visiting the Fluffy Rock Cafe over the years and have seen some great bands there (and had some good cocktails). Was disappointed that it is no longer there..I wonder why and whether it will return.
  3. Oh thats strange..guess it depends where you are standing. My friends were by the speakers further back and said they were turned off and that the sound was nowhere near loud enough! Did sound better further forward though. They were also a bit disappointed by the choice of song to end the set, but apart from that really enjoyed them.
  4. Apparently the sound was not good for the National. It appears that some of the speakers were turned off. My friend was very annoyed about this! Does seem a bit unfair that they would turn speakers off..not sure why they did this.
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