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  1. A bloke goes to buy a dog.

    When he gets there the dog says, 'alright mate'.

    Bloke says, 'F**kin 'ell, i've seen it all now'!

    The dog says, 'Yep, i've won Crufts 5 times,

    been on tv, starred in films, sniffed out explosives in Iraq,

    and run 9 marathons for charity'.

    So the bloke says to the owner, 'Why you sellin him'?

    Owner says, 'Cos he's a lying C**t!

  2. Being a former Olympian myself, I can assure you the IOC would not want to be associated with a load of drugged up hippies and deadbeats. Vote for Michael Eavis if you wish, it's not gonna happen.

  3. yea they have a point though cos if you live in these places and you don't see things change when they say there are going to change then i suppose your going to get abit pissed .

    ........ BUT look at wot people are doing to there capital now there nuts old son [ i dont mean anyone on here before you get the hump B) ] but its terrible all this rioting no need for it i hope any of you living up near these places are safe from the wa..kers doing this ...

    BUT lets get back to the topic of getting M.E to carry the torch :P:P

    Glastofari i see you to old son :lol::lol:

  4. i was thinking last night that M.E should be voted in to carry the Olympic torch. it goes through Taunton on the 3rd day 21st may day 4 the 22nd is Bristol so its quite close to glasto. B)

    im not sure of the way you go around getting this done but thought id start on here so wot do you think old sons :D:):)

  5. :lol::lol: russycarps you can be such a kill joy old son wot ever you think of the games wot they are doing up in london is better than wot was there a year or so ago believe me :D

  6. :lol::lol: see the bloke stand by the tents with dark glasses thats my mate jeff ..straight up!! and look at the mess they have left :lol::lol: ive not seen him since but ive been going to glasto for 14 years and never got my photo taken :lol::lol:

    Glastofari old son tell jeff hes famous

    top of the range Gnomicide :D

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