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  1. footix2

    Lesser known band suggestions

    Came across Sarajevo by The K's on the KC Spotify playlist. Very good and literally their only song on Spotify
  2. Death From Above and The Joy Formidable were added to Leeds Festival today so must be touring around then. Would be good to see them both at Kendal
  3. footix2

    Lesser known band suggestions

    Marmozets are awesome. Particularly the debut album. Shame definitely worth a listen too.
  4. footix2

    Lineup 2018

    Jesus that's a diabolical lineup. It's bad when Dua Lipa is a major highlight at what was always an Indie/Rock festival. I'm not sure where they are trying to position this festival any more.
  5. footix2

    Lineup 2018

    New PR company explains the terrible social media stuff they'e been doing since the last festival.
  6. footix2

    2015 - a vintage year?

    2015 was a good year (thought it at the time), but it was no 2008
  7. footix2

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Great. Can' really do the main weekend and I expect the 2 original dates still in will be scaled way back single stage events. Guess I better find another festival
  8. footix2

    2017 Weather thread

    Leeds is not that bad. Bit of mud around Rachel's Gate and inside near yellow bubble. Inside they've put hard core paths on the main drags so it's not really muddy at all. With dry weather forecast I wouldn't be too worried at mud at this stage
  9. footix2


    No. I've thought about going out for various matches in the past but never actually bothered
  10. footix2

    Will they show the fight

    Notification from the App
  11. footix2

    2017 festival

    Just the small matter of staying awake that long now!!
  12. footix2

    2017 festival

    McGregor v Mayweather will be shown in the Alternative Tent at Leeds
  13. footix2

    Few Questions please

    It's £20 from Leeds Station in a taxi and you'll get dropped at Rachel's Gate which is a short walk to the arena. There's always taxis right outside Leeds Station and you never have to wait that long coming out (as far as I know). Beers are basically a fiver (or were last year). I was paying £5.50 at TRNSMT though so I'm expecting a price hike.
  14. footix2


    Bay Horse in Wetherby is probably closest with Sky Sports
  15. footix2

    Where To Camp?

    Yeah Green or Purple. We camped in Purple last year and it was quite laid back

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