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  1. footix2

    M6 closed at J33

    Diversion in operation after a HGV hit a bridge near Lancaster. Gonna give a bit of a headache for people heading up from Lancashire and the south
  2. footix2

    Stage times here

    Looks much less clashy than the clashfinder anyway
  3. footix2

    The weath......

    It absolutely hammered down in 2014 at one point and even then it didn't flood, though a small river formed at the main stage for a while
  4. footix2

    The weath......

    State of that though
  5. footix2

    2018 - Any advice or help needed ?

    How long does it take to get in on Friday? My wife is planning to arrive around 11am. Much of queue still at the time?
  6. footix2

    2018 - Any advice or help needed ?

    There's one about 2 miles from the motorway in Preston. I'd use that
  7. footix2

    The weath......

    Yeah saw that this morning.... Probably be showing monsoon tomorrow 😂
  8. footix2

    The weath......

    Met Office has heavy showers on Friday at the moment.
  9. footix2

    Stage splits / times

    How will they know you haven't just turned up for the 1st time if you prepay parking though.... Absolutely stupid policy to recharge for parking
  10. footix2

    The weath......

    I use Gavs Weather Vids for festivals. Looking mostly good . Posdobpe thundery shower on Sat/Sun but mostly hot a sunny
  11. footix2

    Stage splits / times

    Pins/Sherlock's clash 😣
  12. footix2

    Stage splits / times

    Marmozets are really good. Also worth catching Yonaka, Anteros, Pins and The Orielles. I'd try and catch The Ks on the Woodlands stage too
  13. Might go and see that Astrobeat Orchestra plays Talking Heads at Woodlands....
  14. footix2

    The weath......

    I never even took a jacket that year. Bought a shit one at Oxfam and wore a flat cap. Looked like I'd got lost whilst out dogging 😂
  15. footix2

    The weath......

    Ahh 2014... The year an actual river formed at the main stage!