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  1. good luck! you not in the 10 club? whereare you going for ? O2?
  2. Hi All, Back from a self-imposed exile. Got Bjork tickets for Eden in June. Hopefully get PJ tickets for the O2 to make it an interesting gig week then!
  3. Good Luck @mr gumby gravity aided wet stuff just started down 'ere
  4. I left after the Levs on sunday - 2 hour drive to my bed >>> cold tent so was sober on my birthday! It was a lovely festival cross between Avalon and the Park for me - I'm planning on going next year already. @Curlygirl highly recommended - go for it on your south coast jaunt next year @crazyfool1 lovely photo.
  5. Hope you 2 enjoyed your visit. I won't mention that since about 1pm Saturday the Sun has been out 90% of the weekend...Oh sh sorry
  6. Glad you liked it - must go that way myself soonnnnnnn! Sept is great - still warm and most of the emmets are gone home.
  7. we did at work yesterday Its like looking at the blitz when huge storms go off over midwest USA etc
  8. No Cape Cornwall is the headland by St Just - north of Land's End I love Godrevy Long stank from Marhamchurch to Land's End!! Busy traffic season not started yet
  9. ssssh - don't tell everybody That area is known as Penwith. I much prefer Cape Cornwall to Land's End HMV - take the B3306 from Sennen to St Ives if you can it goes along the coast with plenty of places to stop for the scenery, the Crown mines at Botallack are a nice spot to stop (aka Poldark cliff mines) ( bit grey today though ) I much prefer Cape Cornwall to Land's End
  10. I like Bude and that area way up there Aye first time going and birthday treat to myself
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