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  1. Guardian.co.uk says: "If you liked Bestival … you'll love Soundwave, Croatia Set in a fishing village on the Dalmatian coast, Soundwave has all the quirks of a Bestival but in a far more beautiful, and sunny, setting (sorry Bestival). An inland amphitheatre for the bands, a beachside terrace for the DJs and Europe's best party boat make this one for sun-lovers. And for the real disco fans some events take place in the unreconstructed 70s glam of the circular Barbarella club." Me and a friend have got our tix and a beach side apartment, now just keeping an eye on flights. Would be most convenient to fly to Zadar, but with Ryanair? Oh, the horror. Does anyone have any info on the train from Split? Does it go from the airport and passes right by the resort? Any other money saving tips would be much appreciated. We decided to plump for this festival because the only reviews I've heard so far have been glowing; that it's small, still up and coming, and a good vibe which may or may not go as the festival grows in popularity. The location looks super chilled with guaranteed sunshine, or at least warm, and who doesn't like partying on a beach? You may not know a lot of the DJs and performers on the line up, but it's good to be surprised.
  2. kamw642


    You could litterpick perhaps?... I know there are ticks on eBay... Lastminute.com?
  3. kamw642

    Glade Weather

    Oh but tits! Heavy rain all night on Thursday night, so pick your camp site carefully!
  4. kamw642

    Glade Weather

    You're abso right...Glade crowd can do anything. Just in case anyon;es wondering...light rain showers on Thursday (pretty much like today's London weather, so actually pretty warm), heavy rain showers on Friday but fine for the weekend Who hates waking up in a roasting tent at 8am after partying all night? At least we'll probably have cloudy mornings and chance for some kip.
  5. kamw642

    Glade Weather

    Well? Has anyone been to Matterley Bowl before when there's been some rain? I read something about Creamfields there one year and they don't call it 'Bowl' for no reason... I'm probably just worrying over nothing...I was at Glade when it flooded and almost got cancelled...was the best festival EVER!!!!
  6. Gosh...weather reports very mixed, looks like intermittent showers but lots of sunshine too...will Matterley Bowl turn into a mudbath after one downpour?
  7. kamw642


    Don't blame the shops where you can buy cheap camping gear...people should take responsibility for their own actions.
  8. kamw642

    First timer...

    Inspiral is awesome, whatever's happening, they're there...it's like coming home!...(sniff) With Glade, you can be sure that most people coming have chosen it above others, for the music, the atmos...the vibe is really good. Even with the flood last year everyone just got on with the business of partying!
  9. I'm not against vegetarianism or veganism, but don't tell people who choose to eat meat that they're murderers, not on stage where you're hired to perform. That's just arrogant. I loved Morrissey in his Smiths days, and he is a great lyricist, but he is up his own arse a bit. Am I right or am I right?
  10. Kids...thank you!!! Oh, Erol...that set was brilliant. I really enjoyed Pista Pops (I called it Windy-pops) too. Lesson learned: don't try to meet people at the meeting point!! Try the grass bit near the smoking lounge - which itself was a rocking venue.
  11. Just a side question - does anyone know the tune that was played several times throughout the festival - a dance anthem that had the chorus: "...take what you need from it..." It's such a good tune that sent everybody wild...who is it?!!! It's driving me nuts.
  12. I stayed in Marina D'Or in Oropesa. Pros: Beautiful beaches - I would say better than Benicassim, quieter with more locals than festival goers (depends on what atmos you want I guess). Bigger waves. Self catering apartments that sleep upto 6 - spacious with large balcony, air con, fully equipped kitchen, cheap - save on food costs. Swimming pool per block. 5 minute walk to a big supermarket which is never really busy. Cons: Far from Benicassim - half hour bus ride. During the day there are local buses - just E1.20 one way, but after 5pm you will need to take a taxi - E25. Getting a taxi at night during the festival is difficult - you have to walk to the big hotels (about 15 mins from the apartments) and queue for 20-30 minutes more. Getting back is equally difficult, and all the apartment blocks look the same so you might get lost!
  13. If you do fly with Ryanair or something similar - try to take hand luggage only. Yep, try to squeeze everything into a rucsack! I did it and avoided paying 20 quid each way to check in a piece of luggage. My friends had so much trouble on both sides when mistakes were made, overcharged, names mixed up...the staff were really shit. To be fair they have to bear the brunt of gisgruntled customers...the system is so poorly designed it turns perfectly happy holiday-goers into lynch mobs. If you have to check in luggage - go to the ticket desk first - not the check in desk. And do so way ahead of the departure time. Running through a crowded airport ain't fun.
  14. Stay in Benicassim - much more convenient, walk to the festival, no messing about with buses or taxis or queues or queue jumpers!
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