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  1. Think my daughters phone is on Vodafone, is it via an app or something?
  2. Jamiroquoi and grace Jones. What a disappointment.
  3. Hoping for a better line up this year!
  4. Cheers. Have signed up, but not too sure how it works! I'm going to buy 4 tickets for Bon Iver and 2 for the Strokes, so somehow I should be able to get one of those for free, just can't work out how!
  5. If anyone finds anything about that selling to friends thing let me know! Done some searching and can't find anything.
  6. I'll finally get to see Sleaford mods!
  7. adamski

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Work pc constantly on the holding page, phone constantly on the holding page, laptop incognito constantly on the holding page. Ipad intermittent, all other laptop browsers nowhere near. Amazon fire's nowhere near as well. We go again in April!
  8. adamski

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Page has changed, no link to check coach package now.
  9. Here's some reading for you. https://www.riverbed.com/document/fpo/media-cms/CaseStudy-Riverbed-SeeTickets.pdf Never used riverbed so can't really offer any insight I'm afraid.
  10. Just done an experiment. Went to https://glastonbury.seetickets.com and hit f5 really fast loads of times, and it went to a holding page.... Leave it for 20 seconds and it refreshes to the correct page. BUT if you then hit F5 straight away you get blocked again if that F5 takes you over the 60 refreshes in the past 60 seconds (I am assuming this last bit). Check it out yourselves. Not going to help me get tickets on Sunday, but good to have a bit of insight., and might answer some questions (or raise others).
  11. That's fine. No entry so good to go.
  12. Here's my tip. Check your hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts), and make sure there isn't an entry for the tickets web page that you put there on a previous year....
  13. Didn't go myself, but I know quite a few local people who did. Was asked about it a couple of times, and said I didn't fancy the line up. Got strange looks for that, obviously the people asking didn't go for the music, just to drink in the park....
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