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  1. First announcement on 30th January according to the Facebook page.
  2. I was at the London date. The first band on was contempo (the days of 2 supports), they turned in to hard fi a few years later. I also got very drunk and fell over. Memories.
  3. That's why my idea is brilliant Reduce the demand as everyone only has one session (so only 100,000 sessions in my example).
  4. I have a better way to allocate tickets...... Same as now, but you enter your registration details at 09:00 and then go into the queue. Will mean that every registration will then have only one device/browser in the queue (multiple entries of the registration details banned). One of the big problems is the vast majority of people will have multiple browsers/devices trying so if 600,000 people try with 5 browsers/devices each that is 3,000,000 sessions. If everyone is trying for 6 tickets, and one person enters registration details for those 6 and go through, then you only have 100,00
  5. Think my daughters phone is on Vodafone, is it via an app or something?
  6. Jamiroquoi and grace Jones. What a disappointment.
  7. Hoping for a better line up this year!
  8. Cheers. Have signed up, but not too sure how it works! I'm going to buy 4 tickets for Bon Iver and 2 for the Strokes, so somehow I should be able to get one of those for free, just can't work out how!
  9. If anyone finds anything about that selling to friends thing let me know! Done some searching and can't find anything.
  10. I'll finally get to see Sleaford mods!
  11. adamski

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Work pc constantly on the holding page, phone constantly on the holding page, laptop incognito constantly on the holding page. Ipad intermittent, all other laptop browsers nowhere near. Amazon fire's nowhere near as well. We go again in April!
  12. adamski

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Page has changed, no link to check coach package now.
  13. Here's some reading for you. https://www.riverbed.com/document/fpo/media-cms/CaseStudy-Riverbed-SeeTickets.pdf Never used riverbed so can't really offer any insight I'm afraid.
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