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  1. The story in The Sun was not a good way to start the day sickening

  2. Why do people spell thanks "thanx" it's just beyond lazy

  3. Different Class (and Insert) [VINYL] ~ Pulp £20 for the vinyl of one of the best albums of the 90's WIN /bVdLc8s

  4. #SWPmemories The equalising goal in the 4-3 win against Spurs and the goal that made 4-1 against United
  5. There is more chance of an Oasis/Stone Roses/The Smiths Supershow taking place tonight than Messi Signing for City

  6. I expect United to sign Sneijder would much rather have Nasri for less and a player who is better

  7. Hargreaves is a great signing perfect replacement for PV

  8. Thanks for all the group draw updates everyone my twitter steam is keeping me Informed

  9. Leeds is good so far anybody else here?

  10. Good luck to everybody with there results tomorrow

  11. Anybody at #Leedsfest this weekend We need to do a massive Will Dance from the Inbetweeners Movie at some point

  12. BOOO I'll miss the Champions League draw Leeds Better be good

  13. Only just realised that Muse will play Plug In Baby Straight in to Citizen Erased on Friday #MusicalBliss

  14. Will you be playing any Festivals next year - #AskNoel live on /iiqApwI

  15. Despite the rumour being denied the idea of a The Libertines doing a tour is getting me through the day