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  1. ig1234

    Nick Cave

  2. ig1234

    Nick Cave

    I think that's the point... it could look like anyone I don't know why I've never changed it...
  3. ig1234

    Nick Cave

    Also need to get tickets to this tour. The new stuff was amazing live.
  4. ig1234

    Nick Cave

    On the plant thing - watching it on the screens when I was there she looked hypnotised, however rewatching it on the BBC she's smiling in some of the clips and things as well. Still, possibly the best, and certainly the angriest, I've seen him. We did have a great laugh at the 14 year old girls sitting around twiddling their thumbs, but even they stood up for Stagger Lee. Possibly to avoid being crushed. As annoying as it was, it kind of added to the anger of the set. Getting out was a bloody mare though, as the incoming Mumfords idiots wouldn't let us out. Had to escape via the security barrier.