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  1. I'll be doing the Barcelona one for sure - Madrid a definite no, even though you technically get 4 line ups out of the 1
  2. I have faith that the complaints / comments will be acknowledged this year, I've never seen a more negative response to an edition of Primavera Sound (even 2011 wasn't this bad) - and with Twitter & other social platforms the customer has a louder voice. I will say this is the first year I've not had the post Primavera blues, that 2nd Weekend (and 11 nights of drinking) broke me!
  3. Was gutted PinkPantheress had cancelled but it meant we all went & watched the great Brittany Howard - anyone who opens with a Funkadelic cover & pulls it off is pretty bold, thought it was a fantastic set!
  4. I mean we did have Brian Wilson in 2016 - is it too much to ask for Stevie Wonder???
  5. Yep, PS made some poor decisions this year regarding the water on the first day, Brunch on the Beach & general crowd control on Thursday WK1, and a lot of the complaints are legit & need to be heard (obviously) - but some of the entitled garbage I've seen on Facebook, Twitter etc is beyond belief
  6. Wishlist - Frank Ocean, Portishead, Kendrick, Fleet Foxes, Ween, The Feelies, Jessica Pratt, Devo, Madlib, U.S. Girls, Turnstile, Japanese Breakfast
  7. I couldn't believe my eyes when I turned around halfway through Faye Webster's set to see the Ray-Ban steps completely full, then looking to my left & seeing the bar queues. Dinosaur Jr & Yo La Tengo must have nearly fallen over when they walked out onstage - blimey, we got popular over the pandemic!! People were definitely getting on site early on the Thursday, and then attendance grew over Friday & Sat but people eased off arriving as early (like most years after staying up to crazy o'clock the day before) & bigger acts on the main stages meant it took the heat off the middle area. I thought Weekend 2 was a breeze & spent far more time over in Mordor.
  8. Really interesting reading all the comments after this year, & happy (or hope) that people aren't TOO bummed out after all the Thursday craziness (especially those on here for who it was their first time). I've never really been a camping festival person, never done Glastonbury & Coachella was probably enough to put me off doing the camping thing again (and yes, I'd still moan if the weather was rubbish!). Primavera has always been a bit of a greatest hits for me, the early days you had the ATP stage, then Pitchfork came in, reminds me of the bigger fests like Coachella / All Points East (for better or worse), but then also SXSW with the city shows, and then you have the Auditori which makes it unique, such a beautiful venue with the best sound. I also love how all over the place the music is, I'm pretty sure I saw (or could have seen), every genre going these past 2 weekends.
  9. horrible news, and after the problems with his leg & not being able to attend this years edition. Poor guy, hope things are better than they sound.
  10. hahahaha, Primavera WKD 1 & 2 & Glastonbury!! That is quite some going! I'll be attending Glastonbury, from my sofa.
  11. I don't even know where to start with Primavera 2022. I've read people going as far as saying it's the new Fyre festival (really?!), to clickbait articles in the NME collecting up angry tweets & then long term attendees saying what a shit show the whole thing was (well, the first day at least). This was my 9th, and after 2019, which might be my favourite so far, it was a bit of a letdown, BUT that was only the first Thursday - overcrowding (because nobody was in the BITS area - I didn't go to main stage area that day), long queues for the bars (only the 2011 screw up matched this), lack of water. But then moving into the BITS area for Let's Eat Grandma & it was like a time tunnel back to 2019! The WKD 1 Friday & Sat were vast improvements, the crowds were so chilled after the stuff I'd seen / read on Thursday, and as always SO MUCH great music. The Caretaker & Dua Lipa on the same bill, amazing! Got into the Jockstrap show (incredible in that tiny club), Los Bitchos & then Pom Pom Squad - Magdalena Bay - Ride - Khruangbin (rubbish sound for the first 2 bands) in the week & then WKD 2 felt like everything was pretty much fixed from WKD 1. I'll never do 2 weekends back to back again, I feel broken & also now have COVID. But overall I thought it was a pretty strong edition with some problems on the first day that luckily got sorted. I've never gone VIP & wasn't planning on doing Brunch on the Beach, but I totally get the fact they screwed up big time with the communication on that one. HIGHLIGHTS - Richard Dawson & Circle, Let's Eat Grandma, OTOBOKE BEAVER(!), Weyes Blood, Little Simz, Lightning Bolt, Jenny Hval, Abbath, Beach House, Jockstrap, Khruangbin, Dua Lipa, High on Fire, Run the Jewels, Arooj Aftab, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Oranssi Pazuzu. Also down the front for the Smile was great but they never truly came alive for me.
  12. Safe journeys to all the folk on here, and if you are already there, well you know what to do!! It might just FINALLY BE HAPPENING!!!
  13. I was checking his Twitter to see if he was going this year, won't be the same without him down the front! Screw Massive Attack, no Big Jeff I'll be gutted!
  14. Looking at the map it looks like select bars are offering the app payment option, with some being the old school cash or card. I know which bars I'll be going to once my credit runs dry!
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