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  1. To all the people who have been going for a few years now & know this man, this is great... https://www.gofundme.com/f/bigjeff-to-austinsxs-usa?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
  2. 6music also rolling out their Camden line up for March & interesting how much (& inevitable) crossover there is with this & last year. Still surprised & disappointed that Primavera is going another year without The Orielles. Hoping for a Heineken hidden stage slot.
  3. Not sure if this has already been noted, but Les Savy Fav down for Wednesday & Thursday, on their label site. I'm guessing the Apolo for Wednesday.
  4. A Primavera weak day is still a good day Best new discovery so far is Helado Negro, can't wait to see what he has to offer live.
  5. Bill Callahan not getting much love, bit of a dream booking for Primavera i think, has he played before? Saw him last year & if he plays the Auditori that's a must see. Also loving Squid, can imagine they will be a party live. Big Freedia too, bringing some New Orleans Bounce to the festival, could satisfy the Lizzo / Missy Elliott gap. Brittany Howard as mentioned elsewhere should also be great. Also thanks to people on here highlighting Arthur Verocai, feels like such a rare booking, and could be magic live.
  6. Would love to see Jessica Pratt in the Auditori but really hoping for an outdoor Sunset slot for Mavis Staples - Rayban Stage - that would be awesome.
  7. Can you help book next year's Primavera!
  8. It's a good line up, and it will become great as the months roll on cause there is a shed load here to discover. It's lacking the shock of last year (in a good way), I feel like I knew this line up 2 months ago. Just hope Massive Attack bring along Elizabeth Fraser!
  9. I hope efestivals are ready for this thread to reach 500 pages by the morning!
  10. If Angelo Badalamenti is there then this would be one of the best ever posters
  11. I mean, I'll happily wait 2 - 3 weeks if that first line is as exciting as it sounds.
  12. Tomorrow. Will they really withhold tickets for that long? I'm hoping no.
  13. Think it's a good start. Given that we now know the nature of the lineup announcement they wouldn't exactly go all guns blazing on the first one, plus Jenny Hval & Kim Gordon are good bookings, Mavis Staples will be great in a festival setting & a few others that I've never heard of look promising.
  14. Really hope that Primavera do pull Devo out of the bag for 2020. Talking of reunited indie bands, wouldn't The Feelies be a great fit for the 20th edition? Have they ever played Primavera?
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