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  1. Would love Danny Brown to return for a victory lap too
  2. Very surprised. Playing Mad Cool by the look of it.
  3. Would love to see them at Primavera! Ween too, they've been back on the road for what feels like ages in the US so a European tour feels well overdue.
  4. No Bon Iver & Primavera London is good news. But, this... https://pitchfork.com/news/bauhaus-announce-first-show-in-13-years/ Yes. please!
  5. Via Facebook post, they are usually very fast on the response. Pic attached
  6. Primavera have confirmed it's one purchase at a time
  7. Anyone managed to get 2 or more tickets at once? Looks like it's 1 ticket at a time (which makes sense as only 1 box to enter the code), but it won't let me add more meaning 2 x booking fees.
  8. Nice touch with the reduced 145 euro rate for 2019 ticket holders, curious how that is going to be checked though, have we all kept our Primavera entry cards? They have unique numbers on.
  9. You clearly weren't down the front for Carly Rae Jepsen Primavera have never made a statement as bold as the 50/50 bookings, it was the reason that this year's edition was so great & encouraged a new crowd to attend, along with people that have been going for years. I personally think it made for a fantastic atmosphere so more of this next year please. And Bill Callahan for the more mature audience too.
  10. Very sad news. I remember his set a few years back being great.
  11. They keep adding more too, hoping for Solange.
  12. My 8th Primavera & after missing 2017 & 2018 I can say that this one is up there with the best. Just for atmosphere alone it was something very special, my fear was it would be too crowded this year, but it was never difficult moving around, getting food & drink (i personally found the bars fine, just went to the stages with no music if too busy & kept hold of the cups we were given) & getting down the front even at the main stages. I also didn't hear much talking, you could hear a pin drop at both Rosalia & Low, & stuff like Carly Rae Jepsen was just a full on party. Also got right down the front for Solange & her set blew my mind. It also helped that 2019 possibly had the most perfect weather of any edition yet. But overall like mentioned above the 50/50 thing worked, it WASN'T a stunt, it made for the most diverse Primavera yet. I mean in the space of the Friday I went from seeing Midori Takada to Snail Mail, Sons of Kemet to Carly Rae Jepsen, Chai, Low & Cybotron (on a beach!). It's all over the shop in the greatest possible way. I will say that the Aldous Harding set was so badly timed, was anyone down the front for that one? She was getting drowned out & I wish she had played the auditori. Highlights were The Comet is Coming (I liked that new Heineken stage but we were in there early & down the front, it was crowded & hot but that added to the intensity of their performance for me), Solange, everyone shutting up for Low (seriously, it was like they were playing indoors!), Chai, Haru Nemuri (so much fun), dancing in the sun to Sons of Kemet & their 4 drummers, & of course the return of Stereolab. Bring on 2020!!
  13. Just come back from the FKA Twigs London show & if you are a fan get down the front for the Rayban show on Thursday. Not sure if it will be the full production but just her & her voice is enough.
  14. Itching to get to Barcelona now! Not arriving until Wednesday so gutted to be missing Cate Le Bon tomorrow night, her new album is fantastic.
  15. Better still they just get rid of all VIP areas at the front of stages, you want to get down the front for a band, put the work in
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