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  1. harderfaster

    The Cure

    Boom. Thrilled. How long a set do we reckon they'll get? Does any headliner ever get given longer than 2 hours? (How long did Bruce get?) Edit: Just checked and Springsteen got 25 songs in. I'd be chuffed if the Cure managed the same!
  2. Yep, also absolutely buzzing. Was so worried that, after months of rumours on here, they wouldn't be there. How long do we reckon they'll get?
  3. Is it safe to shower? I'm currently stood by my bed...
  4. I'm running it too! Had to defer last year. Not quite at the 18 mile mark yet though.
  5. God his voice is amazing isn't it
  6. At some of their dates last year they actually opened with Mr Brightside, which is a fairly bold move. (For example: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-killers/2018/sittertobel-st-gallen-switzerland-23ea04db.html )
  7. Woah there - Be Here Now is a banger...
  8. What's amazing about the Cure's own shows is that they have such a gigantic catalogue that everybody in the crowd is most excited about a different song. During any given song, you can look around and see at least a hundred people going nuts. I know that won't necessarily apply at Glasto, but it gives a bit of context as to why so many people are so excited!
  9. I'd highly recommend getting a vape. Not to use full time, but for those situations (like Glasto) when you would typically have really wanted a cigarette or few. I basically only take mine to the pub and gigs now. P.S. Congrats on quitting!
  10. "Hey Bob. We'd love you to play, but we'd also like a female headliner because it'd be great for the industry in general. Would you mind playing the second stage, so that Lady Gaga can headline the pyramid?" I'd like to think that Robert Smith might actually support this kind of thing.
  11. I've got a few... Swim Deep (Roundhouse) Garbage Maximo Park Sum 41 Yeah, I'm living in the past a bit...
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