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  1. harderfaster

    The Cure

    DAMN that guitar solo too...
  2. harderfaster

    The Cure

    Oh my goodness that was incredible. The crowd might have appeared subdued but around me, even quite far back, everybody was utterly captivated.
  3. harderfaster

    The Cure

    Here we go here we go! Bit nervous for this - I've been most excited for the Cure for the last six months but we've had two pretty spectacular Pyramid headline sets so far... Expectations are going to be high. Looks like Plainsong is back off the menu ?
  4. harderfaster

    The Killers

    JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY FUCKING MARR!! Yeah that was pretty incredible.
  5. harderfaster

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Haha, top work. I was only repeating what I'd read from others, so can't take any credit.
  6. harderfaster

    The Cure

    Yeah I know what you mean. I think I've just watched so many Plainsong openers from festivals over the past decade that I can't imagine anything else! But you're right.
  7. harderfaster

    The Cure

    I'm a bit disappointed that Plainsong has been dropped as an opener after their Disintegration shows...but on the flipside there's still 2h+ of killer material coming up so I reckon I'll cope ?
  8. harderfaster

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Just spent ~90 mins reading all 39 pages of this. Thanks all. My key takeaways: Leave beer under groundsheet Leave water in binbag in sun to get warm shower water Half a loo roll with inner tube removed easier to carry around than a full one Add time to whatsapp messages to reduce confusion Tape up beer crates to minimise disintegration Not long to go!
  9. harderfaster

    The Cure

    Sorry, might be misinterpreting this... But are people suggesting that the Cure won't have the screens on?
  10. I heard Bob personally requested some girl power...
  11. Haha I was thinking exactly the same thing...
  12. harderfaster

    The Cure

    Boom. Thrilled. How long a set do we reckon they'll get? Does any headliner ever get given longer than 2 hours? (How long did Bruce get?) Edit: Just checked and Springsteen got 25 songs in. I'd be chuffed if the Cure managed the same!
  13. Yep, also absolutely buzzing. Was so worried that, after months of rumours on here, they wouldn't be there. How long do we reckon they'll get?
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