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  1. But the tour hasn't been changed, so we definitely have! Escaped? 14 year old me would have killed for this tour. Alas, I had to settle for seeing my teenage heroes Fall Out Boy supporting Biffy at Summer Sessions once they were well past their prime. Wasn't the same.
  2. I mean yeah, the European leg ends 27th June with no festival dates as of yet, and they're back playing in the US by mid July, so there's no way they were going to do TRNSMT it seems.
  3. I think he tends to do stuff out of the blue really? And I guess there's till 10 months between now and TRNSMT for him to announce a new album, at which point he's got enough reputation and excitement to draw in the numbers needed for a sub or headline slot.
  4. Ah right ok, cheers for the heads up
  5. I didn't get the survey 😫 Odd because I usually get 2.
  6. Had a quality time at Foos on Saturday. Enjoyed the Van Ts, Frank Carter did exactly what he was tasked with, and Foos were on top form. Weather wasn't a bother, even with the mud, it was all boards on the floor from the sound desk onwards so no worries.
  7. The difference in their popularity in England and Scotland is huge. In 2015, they headlined the Hydro, and on their last tour they played 3 sold out nights at the Barrowlands. Same way Gerry Cinnamon plays diddy slots at Glasto or R&L but subs at TRNSMT. Different markets, different demands.
  8. Played 4th down in 2017. New album under their belt, in front of a home crowd, cheap booking option: it'll be 2nd or 3rd.
  9. Florence + the Machine / Twin Atlantic / The Lumineers The 1975 / Vampire Weekend / Billie Eilish Paolo Nutini / Dua Lipa / Wolf Alice I could live with that quite happily. Maybe swap a sub/3rd out for Christine & The Queens if still touring.
  10. Yeah bit odd that they're doing TRNSMT with DF, then their own shows with PCL.
  11. Lewis Capaldi deserves to be up there given the 18 months he's had. Single at no.1 for 7 weeks, best selling song of the year. Fastest selling album of 2019 so far. Sold out 2x Barrowlands, 2x O2 Academy, 1x Usher Hall, and 2x Hydro gigs, each in a matter of seconds. He's enormous right now, no arguing with it. As a replacement for Snow Patrol, I think it's fine. Similar main stream pop/indie/rock appeal. Both always on the radio. Capaldi's audience is probably more focused on teenage/twenties, while Snow Patrol's is more middle aged now. But the crossover appeal is there. Also Snow Patrol definitely weren't the heaviest act that day.
  12. Van T's and Frank Carter will be quality. Need to check out Hot Milk.
  13. I live in West End, and there are plenty cracking bars, but if you're from out of town I would probably recommend finding watering holes around Merchant City, just means you don't have the extra effort of going to West End and back. Maggie Mays is nice for a cheap and cheerful pint, usually pretty packed on TRNSMT days. There's a decent sized Brewdog (called the Doghouse) as well, and a load of places in Merchant Square - O'Neills, etc.
  14. We Were Promised Jetpacka have teased something for 10 years of These Four Walls. That’d be amazing. Add in some Drenge, Cage The Elephant, Twilight Sad, Snail Mail, Basement, Xcerts, Boy Azooga, Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert perhaps.
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