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  1. Stereophonics Royal Blood The Libertines Bombay Bicycle Club Two Door Wolf Alice?
  2. How? The only Benicassim headliner that’s playing is Foals, and they’re not headlining. Pretty on the mark.
  3. Not unless she wants to sub Lewis Courteeners or Liam
  4. First act found at Glasgow green: twin atlantic
  5. Pretty sure the three headliners I heard have all been mentioned at some point but not in the same combination.
  6. But the tour hasn't been changed, so we definitely have! Escaped? 14 year old me would have killed for this tour. Alas, I had to settle for seeing my teenage heroes Fall Out Boy supporting Biffy at Summer Sessions once they were well past their prime. Wasn't the same.
  7. I mean yeah, the European leg ends 27th June with no festival dates as of yet, and they're back playing in the US by mid July, so there's no way they were going to do TRNSMT it seems.
  8. I think he tends to do stuff out of the blue really? And I guess there's till 10 months between now and TRNSMT for him to announce a new album, at which point he's got enough reputation and excitement to draw in the numbers needed for a sub or headline slot.
  9. I didn't get the survey ? Odd because I usually get 2.
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