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  1. Col!n

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Video here: https://amp.radiox.co.uk/artists/biffy-clyro/respond-glastonbury-2020-question-tease/ Certainly sounds like they're gonna be there.
  2. Just seen FKA Twigs is performing and she’s up for four nominations. Would be great if she’s announced off the back of that.
  3. Col!n

    Macca vs. RATM

    Would see RATM easily - absolute no brainer for me. Devastated that poster wasn't legit
  4. The likes thing doesn't bother me too much - when you see an Instagram post as soon as it's uploaded the likes often don't load immediately, it takes a refresh or a second click of the post for any likes to appear - by which point the post likely would've been deleted. What gets me more is just the fact that not one of their other 272k followers from varying time zones seems to have picked up on it at all.
  5. Col!n

    2020 headliners

    He makes a good point, but surely it's possible that they are just doing Rock AM Ring and not its sister festival on this occasion (has happened before according to Wiki here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_am_Ring_and_Rock_im_Park - see fifth sentence) and that they are being announced on top of the already announced headliners - the announcement of them reforming is still very recent after all.
  6. It does seem very odd that no other person on the internet seems to have seen that Insta post - there's no sign of it on the RATM subreddit or anywhere else where I can see. However that poster looks incredibly legit and spans across many countries and festivals - if someone has faked that then hats off from me. Pray
  7. Col!n


    I've got a tenner on Kendrick, Taylor and Paul, mainly because those wouldn't be the best names for me so it will soften the blow if it is (not disputing that they would be a massive set of headliners but I'd probably only see Kendrick and maybe the end of Paul). Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but the Madonna/Swift co-headline chat sounds more likely to me now and in line with Emily's comments the days other day, so if I was to put another bet down I'd probably bet Madonna, Kendrick and Paul instead. Not sure what the bookies' rules are over a co-headline but i'm assuming they would just see it as Madonna headlining.
  8. I was at the Bristol event today as well - I was soaked right through to the bone. But so worth it, Michael and Emily were both as lovely as I imagined them to be. Reading through the book now and I'd say it's a must for any Glasto fan, with lots of amazing pictures and memoirs of the festival. I love this quote from Noel Gallagher - my apologies if this has already been posted:
  9. Col!n

    Kanye west confirmed

    Agree that it's his worst album, but I do like a few of the tracks. Haven't stopped playing it since Friday anyway. Wish he'd kept Young Thug on On God. Also looks like there's a version of Use This Gospel with Meek Mill going about. Yet another rushed project, why were they still mixing it on Friday morning - after weeks of delays? As mentioned in the posts above, he's almost certainly surrounded by a bunch of yes men. I wish he didn't scrap Yandhi, most of the leaks from it are great. However having just watched his recent Zane Lowe and Big Boy interviews, he seems happier now which obviously is far more important than his musical output and if he's genuinely finding peace in religion then good for him. It does very much seem as if he's currently in a manic phase though, particularly in the Big Boy interview. Which also will make it very hard to work with him/say no to him.
  10. Col!n

    2020 headliners

    As I said, I don’t fully believe it either and not suggesting anyone should - I took it with a pinch of salt. But I was told about it before Aerosmith were mentioned on here and doesn’t seem to be have been other rumours of them which is why I found it interesting and worth posting about. I don’t check the betting odds regularly so not sure how long they’ve been at the top for, if they’ve been favourites for a while then maybe someone just read the top names off there. I’m still praying for Elton personally.
  11. Col!n

    2020 headliners

    I will drop efests a PM - not sure if it qualifies to make Aerosmith an official rumour on here as it’s through someone else. Also wouldn’t say it’s a solid source which is why I originally didn’t believe it but now that their odds have gone up I thought I should mention it. Could definitely be bullshit though. I must stress that Aerosmith into Paul is purely speculation from me because I find them an odd headliner, and perhaps it’s a bit of a reach. The names I was given didn’t include any mention of Paul at all so actually more suggests Aerosmith are headlining.
  12. Col!n

    2020 headliners

    Wasn't going to say anything about this as I originally thought it sounded ridiculous but maybe it's worth something. I was passed on a rumour on Wednesday that Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Aerosmith and a Gallagher (presumably Noel) are all booked for 2020 (not my own direct source so don't want to publicly state where this came from, happy to discuss via PM). No specific mention of headlining or not. I didn't/don't completely believe this but this was the first I'd heard Aerosmith's name mentioned (I use this site heavily but I barely post - shameless lurker) then a couple of days later they had the second highest odds and were being discussed on here. If there is any truth to it, I reckon our headliners could be Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar and Paul McCartney, with Aerosmith subbing or billed as 'special guest' before Paul as they've been performing together this year (see below). Despite their size, I think Aerosmith would be a weird choice of headliner and I don't think that Glastonbury would book 3 American headliners, so this makes more sense in my eyes. Can't say I'd be overly excited about those headliners (just down to personal preference, it would be absolutely massive nonetheless) but seems to fit the mould with the clues we've been given so far.
  13. Col!n


    Solid prediction. If my info is correct, Avery b2b HAAi will be closing Beat Hotel on one of the nights.
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