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  1. My prediction: Pyramid: Fri: Stormzy, TBC, Vampire Weekend Sat: Killers, Liam G, Miley Sun: Cure, Janet J, George Ezra, Kylie Other: Fri: Tame Impala Sat: Chems Sun: TBC West Holts: Fri: Lauryn Hill Sat: Wu Tang Clan, Jungle Sun: Janelle
  2. Hozier and Bastille have swapped rows on the poster on the Glastonbury site.
  3. 3rd down main sounds about right. Their poster placement made me think they might headline the Other, being next the T.A and Chems. Will be a big draw I'm sure.
  4. mb23

    day and stage

    Do we know the Chems are on Sunday?
  5. Overall very pleased. Fewer bands i am desperate to see compared to last year, but that means there will be less clashes so I'll probably still see the same amount of acts! So long as The Killers and Vampire Weekend don't clash (which I'd say is unlikely), I'm all good!
  6. Stormzy, Miley, CATQ, Billie. The Killers will also be great fun, but should probably not be headlining based on their last decade of work.
  7. mb23

    Must see's and Maybe's

    Must: Stormzy, Killers, Vampire Weekend, Miley, CATQ, Sigrid, Kamasi Washington, Jungle Maybe: Kylie, Liam G, TDCC, Streets, Interpol, Friendly Fires Plenty of listening to do, so I'm sure this will change over time!
  8. Wasn't surprised by the visuals - they were exactly the same as when I saw them in Reading '09. Was fairly far forward. I'm very much a casual Radiohead fan, but was watching with three super fans who all said it was the best gig they've ever been to. Their reaction to the set list throughout the night meant certainly helped me enjoy myself, and the majority of the set sounded spot on to me. Spoke to a fair few people who thought they were awful though. It probably wasn't the best gig to see if you're not familiar with the band.
  9. mb23

    Taylor Swift

    I can see her still turning up in some capacity, whether it be opening the Other on Friday, headlining it on Friday (are Rudimental definitely confirmed?!), or in some other kind of surprise capacity. The fest would be silly not to get her there in some sort of unofficial way, especially with her being in the country. Obviously I know nothing's ever that easy, but she'd be a big hit for sure. That Radio 1 set looked like great fun.
  10. mb23

    Arcade Fire

    In terms of albums as a whole, I'm probably: Funeral, Neon Bible, Reflektor, Suburbs. However, some of my favourite individual tracks come from Suburbs and Reflektor so I suppose they're all much of a muchness really.
  11. mb23

    Arcade Fire

    Mine's more wishful thinking tbh, made this setlist on Spotify the other day: Ready To Start Reflektor Neighbourhood 2 (Laika) Joan of Arc You Already Know Keep the Car Running We Exist Neighbourhood 1 (Tunnels) Intervention The Well And The Lighthouse Crown Of Love Month Of May Neighbourhood 3 (Power Out) Rebellion (Lies) Afterlife ----------------- The Suburbs Normal Person Wake Up That would be awesome. Never going to happen but if I had any say in the matter this is what I'd want them to do!
  12. mb23

    Arcade Fire

    Very much up for this! Do we reckon the presale ticket scheme will be in action for those who preordered the album through the Arcade Fire website?
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