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  1. William's Green then I can say it's named after me with some feeling of authority.
  2. willutalk


    Think they will headline Other now?
  3. Could Duran Duran open the Other on the Friday on that slot?
  4. willutalk

    BRIT Awards 2019

    Deary me. What has the Brits become!? Some of that was just so trashy. The humour included. A sad state of affairs for a once strong evening of showcasing the best of contemporary music. EDIT: sorry this might’ve been an over reaction. But still, it could’ve been better
  5. Mmm, the issue of phoning people at Glastonbury. I typically adhere to HFTB. *HFTB means Hope For The Best
  6. A bit light on Friday. Also, since Nick Emily's husband has managed both Hot Chip and The Chems, I'd doubt whether they'd put both of them against each other. Other than that all quite feasible indeed.
  7. willutalk

    Other Stage

    Just seen that Doves are doing Victorious Festival. Do we know whether they are exclusive? Could be a shout for Other sub or JP headline?
  8. A bit of a NSFW choice but seen em once and laughed so hard my insides hurt, and they actually have a VERY polished production too. Ladies and gentlemen Steel Panther...
  9. willutalk

    2019 Headliners

    I've usually associated LDR with Light Dependent Resistor, but who is LDR you are referring to here? EDIT: Sorry, I've just realised who it is!
  10. willutalk

    Thom Yorke 2019

    Could see Thom doing an Other sub or night-time secret set if he was there at all.
  11. oh. What a nonse I appear. I find sarcasm hard to spot sometimes
  12. ha @FloorFiller too true They don't half extend the length of their songs live, seems to get more and more every time I've seen them.
  13. I gather a new album might happen as a result of the booking I guess. Rather than both ideas being conceived simultaneously.
  14. willutalk

    The 1975 2020

    I don't think they should be (even if their name suggest it), it's just an opinion of mine. For a band to get my heart pumping they need power and energy, I think the potential for that in the 1975 is there, but their production doesn't expose it.
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