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eFestivals is fund-raising

eFestivals has been here 20 years supporting festivals and festival goers. Without your support it will not continue as it has been.
Advertising used to pay the bills but advertising revenues are much less than they were.

Festivals: if you'd like us to continue to promote your event to our 650,000 monthly readers you'll need to give a helping hand.
Festival-Goers: if every visitor in just one day donated just £2, that would provide funding for a whole year.

You can donate or sign up for 'gold' (ad-free) membership, or you can contact the editor.


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    oh I do like to be beside the seaside...
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    What gender are you: Very much female.
    What way do u swing: This way and that but mainly towards men.
    What do you look for in potential partner:Intelligence, honesty, good sense of humour and tallness (I'm 5'10 n half)!
    What are your interests: festivals (course;)) Music, art, dance, pooters, gardening (yes gardening!)..emmm pottery, sci - fi...swimming, running, languages, travelling, meeting new people...partying!!!

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  1. Am quite into that naughty 'Trinity' series and saw 'Hung' pilot tonight...
  2. Kim

    haha backatcha fish face!x

  3. feeder

    hello trout pout. how are ya ? :)

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  5. Kim

    lol nah I'm just an anti social git :-p

  6. feeder

    good day to you monkeychops !

    have you disapeared off msn and the internet forever ?

    what is the crack jack ? ,lol

    scottie x

  7. Kim

    it's rude not to leave a msg you know!How you doin then Bimble...loving the name :)k

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