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  1. AnnaGrant

    Sizing of Womens Glastonbury 2017 t shirts

    Thanks for responding Matt. Useful to know that a medium women's fits 12/14. Before the festival moved to the Stanley Stella shirts I used to buy an XL ladies to fit me as a 12. The new shirts seem a bit bigger for the women anyway. My son bought a hoodie in the largest size, xxl, but that isn't particularly big. Not surprised that the L men's isn't big for a 40" chest. But the new shirts feel nice and are well made. I love a festival souvenir t shirt.
  2. AnnaGrant

    Sizing of Womens Glastonbury 2017 t shirts

    Zero replies so far-is this some kind of record?
  3. Looking for a bit of retail therapy with festival merchandise online. Does anyone have any comments or advice about how the womens official festival t shirts fit? A few years ago the Gildan womens t shirts used by the festival were sized so small that the XL was like a womens size 12. The current Stella Stanley t shirts look to be more sensibly sized. according to the measurement charts. I bought a mens small, which is actually a little big on me (usually size 12ish) and the womens alternative could be a small or medium for me. How do the current t shirts match up to the usual womens sizes?
  4. AnnaGrant

    Lack of facilities and end of Gate D hell

    Shhh. It's a reasonably well kept secret that the queues have almost disappeared from about 1pm or so. My last 4 trips to Glastonbury I have arrived around 2 and more or less walked straight in. The midday heat was a problem this year as me and my son who I went with both suffered from heat exhaustion, and my son actually passed out on the tent while putting it up. Thankfully organised Mum had packed rehydration sachets and lovely friends gave us water and shelter. But Wednesday evening was wonderful- never been out until after midnight in just a t shirt at Glastonbury.
  5. AnnaGrant

    Which Fest next?

    I saw the Lemon Twigs in John Peel. Very entertaining, with the promise of greater things with experience.
  6. AnnaGrant


    Love the Wolves flag, being an ex-resident of that fine city. Same bloke with it since 1994 apparently. But have to say in general I am not in favour of flags as they block the view of the stage and are now blocking the images on the screens at the sides of the stages too, as they flutter in front of the cameras.
  7. AnnaGrant

    New security measures in place

    No, as I understand it they are parked within the festival and subject to the same restrictions. Some of my friends were worried about whether they would be able to take repair equipment in. Unless they have chosen the Bath and West Showground option. I fully support the security checks- the suggestion of increased checks might be enough to put off someone up to no good. I play by the rules, but find it frustrating when the rules aren't clear.
  8. AnnaGrant

    Workers Rights at Glasto under Question

    I saw on the Independent comments below the line sections of the contract used for the casual workers, and a link to the full contract. It quite clearly said that the length of work was not guaranteed in any way and could be a few days or a few weeks. People asked why workers from abroad would travel to do an unspecified amount of work, and the consensus was that many litter pickers made additional money from items they found during the clean up.
  9. AnnaGrant

    New security measures in place

    Swiss Army knives, or penknives, are pretty standard camping and festival items. They also have a small blade. My query was around whether there had been a decision to ban them, and whether that should have been listed on the FAQ or security requirements on the GFL website, knowing that many people, apart from yourself it seems, carry them at festivals. If all Swiss Army knives were banned then were all the knives taken from the cutlery drawer of campervans, as many of them would have longer blades? it was actually going to Glastonbury Festival in 1992 that prompted me to get a Swiss Army knife, after seeing a camping neighbour using one for a myriad of tasks.
  10. AnnaGrant

    Worthy Farm is clean!

    Funnily, this was the first year I had seen posters for litter picking clean up crew. My son saw them around too. It advertised £7.50p/hour and meals provided, but no mention of any guaranteed number of days work.
  11. AnnaGrant

    New security measures in place

    Curious about what the definition of 'knives' is. When my son and I came in through gate D on Wednesday afternoon my son was asked if he had glass or knives in his luggage. He said 'no, apart from a Swiss army knife'. But the security chap said he couldn't take it in and took it off him. He said he could hold it for an hour or so if we wanted to reclaim it and take it back to the car. So after taking all our stuff, pitching the tent, passing out in the afternoon sun I had to race back to get the knife and take it back to the car. The security chap seemed quite nice, but if army knives/penknives had been specifically listed as banned we wouldn't have brought it. Anyone else had similar problems? Apart from that we only had cursory searches on entry and exits.
  12. AnnaGrant

    Weather 2017

    Liking your temperatures from Thursday onwards.
  13. AnnaGrant

    Hot weather advice

    Last year looked grim. I was watching the videos of the site vehicles getting waterlogged before the festival opened, and thinking I was glad not to be going.
  14. AnnaGrant

    Hot weather advice

    And 94 was warm and dry too. People don't seem to believe me when I say I did three Glastonburys in a row and never wore wellies once. It was a bit of a shock to the system to return in 2011 and to have to hop around the car to get my wellies on when we arrived on site.
  15. AnnaGrant

    Hot weather advice

    1992 surely? I was there and I've always said it was too hot, but I also say it was my best Glastonbury ever so I coped. Lots of people had scarves under their hats so the back of their necks were protected from the sun. Respect the sun, take it easy and we will have a great time.