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    Bringing some craft cans; Cloudwater, Northern Monk, Beavertown (Sapling which will hopefully not be on the Beavertown bar because it'd be annoying to cart a duplicate beer some 250 miles) but not many cans as got dad duties. The real ale stuff is always decent and fairly reasonably priced anyway so i never bring a lot of my own. I'll probably be reasonably sensible and stick to hot cider from cider bus as a night time treat. Though Brandy and a hip flask has been a favourite in the past.
  2. Vampire Weekend Gruff Rhys Snail Mail Insecure Men DTB Damien Jurado Destroyer Richard Dawson Flatworms Billy Childish Japanese Breakfast Could easily pick a different 10 though. It's a great line up this year.
  3. I've decided to bump this, apologies, but it seemed a waste of time starting a whole new thread for the sake of one question, and this seemed as a good a thread as any, without trawling through. Not a newbie; this will be my 7th year ( though not consecutively, missed the last 2 after a horrendous gallstone attack caused an earlier leaving in 2015) but I am in a newbie situation as this will be the first year with a young (9 month) child in tow. So my question is this - I know that you can't have pushchairs etc after a certain time in the Garden stage/Woods but does that apply to the Big Top too? Can't see anything about it so presuming not. Obviously would be right at the side and away from the entrances if I did actually go in there with a pushchair, and no intention of seeing any later bands, more just a wonder really. We've got a sling too, and have no intention of trying to get into the Tipi with a pram, have no fear. It's already enough of a squeeze in there with just people, never mind all the blankets, children, accessories etc, and I've got no intention of adding to that!
  4. speckles


    Met Office did also state that 'warmer than average' might only be 1 - 2 degrees warmer than average so taking into account the Wiltshire average there, that could mean 19-20. Which giving the absolute boiling temps of the last few months would feel a little chilly I think. All these woulds and coulds though... it's impossible to predict the weather accurately even this close. I'd settle for relatively warm ( I don't like it hot) with the just the odd shower if it really has to rain. Like 2010 when it poured through Iron and Wine, but was mostly dry the rest of the week (from memory anyway) Whatever the temp it'll still be bloody freezing at night though, right?
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