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  1. Sketchead


    Weird one, Foals. One really good album away from being a headline band, but subsequently put out an average one and are now following it up by releasing two albums close together with a pretty weak lead single. They also haven't sold out their tour too quickly - they added a couple more dates after decent initial sales but there's plenty of tickets floating around. Something that wouldn't have been the case at all a couple of years ago. Beginning of the end of them as a biggish band.
  2. Obviously he may have chosen the money of Reading and Leeds instead, but the worst thing is this is the year Glastonbury could have landed Kendrick Lamar. Who knows when he'll come back to Europe again. I have very little doubt he will continue to deliver musically but this would have been perfect timing, with almost everything he's released to date golden. Not that it matters, but if he was offered it I think he'd have taken it in a heartbeat, with him seeing Jay-Z and Kanye do it before etc.
  3. Sketchead

    Kendrick Lamar

    He was absolutely unbelievable on Monday night. Hoping to go to Wembley Arena next week if I can pick up face value tickets (or less, of course). Anyone know if resale tickets (e.g. on Twickets) were readily available for his London shows this week?
  4. Sketchead

    Headliners 2019

    Arctic Monkeys are nailed on. They'll tour the hell out of a new album next year, followed by a US tour/worldwide towards the end of the year/beginning of 2019 before rounding things off at Glastonbury. As for the others, god knows. Don't think the Killers are 'there' anymore despite the secret set going down well. A poor next album will end them. Kendrick is a very good shout but he still feels like a sub to me at the moment. Would love him there either way.
  5. He'll open with Black Skinhead, and the place will go meh. But for the 20 odd songs that follow, the place will go nuts.
  6. Big Quint is a legend. His reaction to Kendrick's Good Kid Maad City is one of my favourite videos ever.
  7. Jumping into some water with his fans, what a dickhead...
  8. Looking forward to this. Not really got into RTJ2 yet but I love hip-hop and know it will hit me at some point.
  9. Think it was reported a while ago that Will Smith had been in the studio with our Lord Yeezus.
  10. I used to think that but these days I really enjoy That's My Bitch, Murder to Excellence, Welcome to the Jungle and Who Gon Stop Me. Great album for me, with only two or three that I skip regularly.
  11. I went to that gig. He supported SBTRKT. Brilliant night and would also love Jamie xx to be at Glasto. I'm sure he will be.
  12. People die and nothing gets done about it, cracking atmosphere. Musically it's pretty good though.
  13. Sketchead

    Taylor Swift

    If you asked people on the internet, Elbow. If you asked people in real life, Florence.
  14. Sketchead

    Taylor Swift

    Like Jessie J can shift tickets like that.
  15. Same for my single of the year.
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